Any time you’re dealing with a transaction that won’t post, the first thing you need  to do is find out what’s preventing the transaction from posting.  To do this, print an Edit List by pulling up the batch in the batch entry window: Go to File>Print>Select Edit list from the dropdown.

This Edit Report shows two errors – both tax distributions and commissions have an issue.

Tax Distribution Error in Dynamics GP

When we open the invoice and hit the blue arrow next to Sales Tax, we see the tax that was calculated as $98.51, but on the Sales Tax window, it displays $103.83

Invoice Sales Tax in Great Plains

We can easily fix this by hitting the Default button on the tax detail screen.

Invoice Tax Adjustment Dynamics GP

We can also see that the subtotal of the invoice was wrong.  In my experience, I’ve seen issues like this when a line item is added\removed or a quantity\price gets changed – sometimes, the subtotal\total isn’t always recalculated.  To correct the totals, go to Sales>Utilities>Reconcile>Remove Sales Documents.    You should populate the Reconcile-Remove Sales Documents screen as shown below, obviously substituting your invoice number for the one I’ve used in my example.  Make sure the radio button for Reconcile Sales Documents is selected, NOT the Remove Completed Documents option.  If you want to see a preview of the resulting changes that will be made without actually doing them, all you need to do is select the Print Report Only box.  That will show you a preview of the corrections prior to actually implementing them.

Dynamics Great Plains Invoice Error

Reconcile Remove Sales Documents Microsoft Dynamics GP

Invoice Reconcile Report Microsoft Dynamics GP


After this, we ran another Edit Report and the invoice is now error free.

Error Free Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you’re looking for support with your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation, we’re here to help!

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