Business Intelligence Software and Implementation Services

When you need to make decisions, you need to make them with the best and most recent information from a variety of sources. Enter Business Intelligence software. Built to provide business users and executives advanced visibility and control, business intelligence software leverages multiple sources to give you a complete view of your business.

At MIBAR, we understand the value of powerful BI software, and know the role it provides in improving your decision making while growing your business. Implementation, integration, training, and more, we provide you with the tools, technology, and know-how to leverage business intelligence software now and in the future.

Business Intelligence from MIBAR

Business intelligence is giving companies of all sizes a leg up on the competition. Whether you need BI functionality embedded into your ERP software or are looking for a standalone product that integrates to show you the whole picture—we have helped companies just like yours to discover, implement, and operate essential business software for nearly three decades. Get to know more about our work, read customer testimonials, and contact us for a free consultation.

Executive Dashboards

View business performance metrics, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Bring it all together. Gain a complete view of your business by connecting ERP, CRM, and so much more.

Real-Time Information

Get the information you need—when and where you need it with real-time updates no matter the source.

A Single Version of the Truth

Analyze data from across the enterprise and drill down to granular details regarding your business.

Customized Reporting

Generate unique reports, views, and dashboards for each user or team.


Cut the chaos and get everyone on the same page—no matter where they are.