Room to Grow: Avoiding Data Storage Woes

It may not feel like it at the moment, but a month ago, we were living in the greatest growth in recent memory. This global pandemic has shown us two things: How fast things can move in a global economy and how quickly this can change. Knowing this, when the epidemic...

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Is Your Configure-Price-Quote Process Leaking?

Like any story, the quote-to-cash process has a beginning, middle, and end—though evolving sales channels have added steps before and after. However, as you progress from almost-customer to contract to customer, it’s easy to see your potential leak away. Often,...

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Three Big ERP Trends to Watch in 2020

Increased satisfaction, more pragmatic decisions, and a cloud-first mentality, businesses are increasingly happy with ERP decisions—at least according to a recent ERP survey of companies who made the move to replace or upgrade ERP in the past year.  This,...

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What’s on the way in NetSuite 2020.1?

As a leading provider of a few of the best cloud ERP products available for the midmarket business, one of the most exciting times each year is ‘update season’, a twice-annual period where most cloud ERP vendors drop updates with hundreds of new features,...

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Implementing NetSuite in Manufacturing Facilities

Implementing NetSuite in a number of manufacturing companies has exposed me to a variety of use cases that have a functional impact across multiple departments. For this post, I would like to speak specifically about a recent implementation and how we developed a...

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What is Security Awareness Training (SAT)?

Security Awareness Training is a prescribed program geared toward instructing personnel about computer security.  A company should have a corporate strategy with written policies and procedures, as well as whom to contact in the event that they detect a security...

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