Since 1991, MIBAR has implemented and supported technology designed to meet the needs of the modern manufacturer.

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a renaissance. Empowered by new technology and fueled by changing demands, manufacturers need to move faster, use better information, and challenge the current way of doing business.

For nearly thirty years, manufacturing has been one of MIBAR’s biggest strengths, and we have helped hundreds of midmarket organizations including dozens of manufacturers to recognize their needs and take steps to select and implement the software they need to take control of their processes, improve supplier and customer relationships, and reduce costs while increasing profitability.


Testimonial: E&T Plastics

“As a leading plastic distributor and component manufacturer with five locations throughout the country, we needed to update our internal systems so that we could gain a competitive edge and grow our business.  We needed to have all of our branches online in real-time.  We had to know what our inventory situation was, up to the minute.  And we had to be able to interface with our customers quickly and easily.  MIBAR made all of that possible, providing us with the technology and training to make it happen.” – Gary Thal, CEO, E&T Plastics

Case Study: Dexmet Corporation

For over 75 years, Connecticut-based Dexmet Corporation has been working closely with customers—including well-known brands including Boeing and Airbus—to engineer and manufacture custom precision expanded metals.

Learn how MIBAR helped Dexmet Corporation automate complex manual processes to reduce monthly data compilation time from days to seconds.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Considered to be the heart of any manufacturing organization, the right ERP solution can provide you a 360-degree view of your business, help you to take command of your supply chain and production schedules, and reduce risks created by manual, paper-based processes. Whether you are process or discrete manufacturer, you have unique needs that demand unique solutions.

When looking at ERP, functionality is priority number one and often the best manufacturing ERP solutions are those that can provide tightly integrated and centralized solutions.

MIBAR has made a name for itself as a leader in helping companies select, implement, integrate, and operate their manufacturing ERP. Learn more about the solutions we provide below, and see our process here.

NetSuite | Acumatica | Dynamics GP

Customer Relationship Management

Your relationships with prospects, customers, vendors and partners are the heart of your business, but managing them across business systems can often be a messy job. In manufacturing, one hiccup in this process could spell disaster, so it pays to know the who, what, where, why, when, and how. With CRM options available from NetSuite, Acumatica, and Microsoft Dynamics, we can customize CRM to work as one with your new ERP or integrate it with a stand-alone option as well.

Improve sales performance, increase productivity, and get a complete view of your customer. Whether it’s built into your ERP or integrated with an existing solution, your CRM is a vital part of your organization’s health. Learn more about the solutions we provide below.

NetSuite | Acumatica | Dynamics 365

Business Intelligence

The manufacturing world moves fast, and if you need to make a decision, you need to make it immediately, accurately, and with all the facts available. Enter Business Intelligence (BI) software. Designed to help end users and business leaders to get all the information quickly, BI software integrates and presents the data you have in easy-to-understand dashboards, charts, and graphs. Slice and dice the data how you see fit so that you can make the right decision—right now.

Power BI

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Since 1991, MIBAR has implemented and supported technology designed to meet the needs of the modern manufacturer. Learn more about the MIBAR Process, the products we sell, and schedule a free consultation.