Dynamics GP Alternatives

Your Options as You Migrate from Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been trusted for decades. A tried and true technology with more than 30 years of development, the product has seen worldwide use during this time. But with unclear support schedules, a diminishing network of partners supporting it, and a lack of commitment to the long-term future of the product, customers are seeing smaller returns on their investment.

Knowing this, companies looking to see unending support, easy access, and constantly improving technology are finding that cloud products like Acumatica, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can provide both leaders and management with the tools and technologies they need to get more from their business.

As a company who has worked with businesses throughout New York to help users make the most out of Dynamics GP, the MIBAR team is ready and able to help you on your move away from the platform—providing a secure, efficient, and seamless transition to a future-proof cloud product.

The End of Dynamics GP Support Is Coming

Though many GP users are still under some form of support, the question is—for how long? This question depends on the version and the Lifecycle policy being used.

And it’s not just first-party support that’s ending. Third-party support is a huge concern for legacy products, and in the next half-decade, it’s going to become harder and harder to find partners with the skills and motivation to provide support.

GP Fixed Lifecycle Dates and Milestones

Need to Make the Move From GP?

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WATCH NOW: Microsoft Dynamics GP End of Life – What’s Next?

As a Dynamics GP user, it is important that you understand GP End of Life. It is not just a distant event; it carries substantial implications that every business must be aware of. To learn more, please watch our on-demand webinar, Microsoft Dynamics GP End of Life – What’s Next, to:

  • Gain a firm grasp of the critical dates that will shape your decision-making process.
  • Decode the terminology to understand how it will directly affect your day-to-day operations & future of your org.
  • Delve into the security & business continuity risks that may jeopardize your organization.

Popular Products for Former Dynamics GP Users

For many companies, GP has been a consistent and reliable product for years or decades, making the move away seem like an intimidating journey. ERP projects of all kinds are stressful and can seem daunting, but with an understanding team, a proven process, and the right tools, you can get up and running in no time.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with former GP users to migrate their data and start using new products with minimal risk and maximum reward. Combining our deep knowledge of GP with our proven skills in migrating data and implementing cloud products, we’ve seen GP users find success with the following products:

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives small and medium enterprises the power to streamline processes, improve decisions, and accelerate growth with a comprehensive and familiar business management system delivered in the cloud.

Offering a lot of the familiarity you would get by staying on a Microsoft product, users migrating from GP to Business Central receive an affordable, flexible, and easily integrated solution that connects financials, sales, purchase, inventory, projects, service, and operations.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Deployment Flexibility: Launch Dynamics 365 on-premises or in the cloud, depending on your unique needs.
  • One Microsoft Meets Common Data: Business Central is ready to work seamlessly with other Microsoft products while easily integrating with other products. Connect with SharePoint, eCommerce websites, client portals, business intelligence tools, and more.
  • Familiarity: Business Central is built to provide a Microsoft experience, reducing the learning curve and in turn, the time to value.


An ideal option for companies in need of flexible, secure, and Microsoft-adjacent ERP, Acumatica boasts a healthy number of Microsoft Dynamics alum in their leadership ranks. Pair this with a unique all-inclusive user licensing model, flexible deployment capabilities, and industry-focused development, and many former GP users have found themselves thriving in an Acumatica ERP environment.

This completely integrated Cloud ERP solution is recognized as the one of the best ERP software products on the market by leading industry organizations and publications, and has prebuilt industry editions ready to handle the unique needs of your firm.

Benefits of Acumatica:

  • Security: Acumatica’s built-in security features are designed to get you to the cloud safely. Acumatica keeps your data highly protected using SSL encryption, role-based security policies, IP address control over logins, intruder detection and lockout, and other robust security features.
  • Familiar Management Model: Avoid the culture shock of a cloud product. Acumatica is one of the few vendors who allows customers the ability to schedule updates on their time. Pair this with the ability to choose between perpetual license purchase or monthly subscription, and between in-house or cloud hosting, and you can manage this product on your terms.
  • Customizable: Every user can set their preferences in the user interface and tailor their own personalized dashboards and self-service BI business intelligence standard. Role-based permissions allow access to whole applications or specific fields only, depending on the role of the user.


The first and the biggest of the cloud ERP vendors, NetSuite has consistently been a top choice for GP expats. NetSuite was MIBAR’s first foray into the cloud (back when we were the go-to GP reseller), and we’ve continued to deliver success for customers over the past decade.

Providing the flexibility of the cloud, the backing of industry behemoth Oracle, and the reliability that can only come after nearly a quarter-century of product enhancement, NetSuite continues to work for its users—both ex-GP and otherwise.

When it comes to a GP to NetSuite Migration, the right partner matters—and it’s critical to work with someone who has lived on both sides of the migration if you’re hoping to get the most from the move. We know the nuances of both GP and NetSuite and can help translate this data in ways that few other partners can.

Benefits of NetSuite:

  • Customizable: Get the product you want—in the way that you want it to work. MIBAR provides custom development services to extend NetSuite’s core capabilities, as part of both an initial implementation or for on-going process improvement projects.
  • Intelligent: See the data you need. Our consultants work with your leadership team to identify and report key operating metrics you wish to manage, through saved searches and executive dashboards.
  • Trusted: As the first to the cloud, the company has tens of thousands of satisfied customers. With nearly a quarter decade of constant innovation, NetSuite has found a name for itself as a reliable yet futureproof provider of ERP.
“As we searched for new ERP software, it became clear early on that MIBAR was undoubtedly the most responsive company among those we met. That level of attentiveness is the primary reason we selected MIBAR to support to with our transition to Acumatica. Jory was incredibly professional, thorough and comprehensive in all of his dealings with us through the selection process…”

– Don Wenzinger, President & CEO, Doron Precision Systems, Inc.

Make the Move from GP to the Cloud

As a company who has worked with businesses throughout the United States to help users make the most out of Dynamics GP, the MIBAR team is ready and able to help you on your move away from the platform—providing a secure, efficient, and seamless transition to a future-proof cloud product.