Power BI

Business Intelligence, Reimagined

Let MIBAR help you unlock the potential hidden in your business data. Thanks to Microsoft and Power BI, the MIBAR team can transform your static business information into a rich interactive experience, delivering ad-hoc capability for even the most technophobic executive. With Power BI, MIBAR can now do in days what used to take weeks and months to achieve.

Power BI transforms paper and screen based output into a rich interactive experiences that are low cost and high value. Slicing and selecting data through a simple intuitive interface that provides context and relevance, dynamically altering output right before your eyes. Go from data to insights in minutes with Power BI. Any data, any way, anywhere – from your desktop to your tablet to your mobile. And all in one view.

  • Deliver insights throughout your organization
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis
  • Scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in

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Cloud collaboration and sharing

Use Power BI Pro to share and distribute reports with others, without any complicated setup.

Design once, view anywhere

We know you need to get data into the hands of decision makers when and where they need it. Power BI makes publishing and sharing your beautiful interactive reports easy.

Capitalize on analytics built for the cloud

Gain the benefits of the cloud: flexible pricing, scale, compliance, security, and reliability.  With Power BI, connecting to your data in the cloud has never been easier.

Centralize your data

Eliminating silos of disconnected information, and transforming these various pools into a 360 degree cohesive view of your business is what Power BI is built to do.

Discover Power BI

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