Airport Terminal Management

Giving Airport Managers the Tools They Need to Operate Efficiently and Effectively
Serving billions of passengers each year, the world’s airports play a vital role in getting people from point A to point B. Made up of the runways and encompassing physical facilities or “terminals” for passengers and cargo, the management of said terminals often requires a keen eye, an innate business sense, and incredible managerial abilities.

Run either by a municipality, airport authority, independent operator, or consortium of airlines, airport terminals play a necessary role in getting passengers to their intended destination. If you run one of these, you already know this. You also know that getting passengers into planes only scratches the surface of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Think of it like this. You’re a real estate company, repair shop, scheduler, and landlord. It’d be like running a mall, if that mall was responsible for getting millions of people each year onto half-billion dollar pieces of equipment and keeping those half-billion pieces of equipment clean, de-iced, and on time.

Needless to say, it’s hard enough to manage a terminal—it’s even harder when there are few companies able to deliver and configure the specific back-office technology to handle it all. At MIBAR, we’ve been there and done that—just ask Terminal One Group at JFK.

Watch Now: Challenges and Opportunities for Terminal Management in the New Normal

With travel ramping back up, airports are starting to see activity once again. If you’re looking to avoid the back-office pain points that come with a full flight board, you can’t miss our on-demand webinar Cleared for Takeoff: Challenges and Opportunities for Terminal Management in the New Normal. Click here to watch now.

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“It has been a great experience working with the team from MIBAR. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and passion to understand our unique operations and requirements all played a significant role in helping us transform and modernize our terminal management financial processes using NetSuite ERP. Running one of the largest airport terminals in New York City has its share of challenges, and thanks to MIBAR they made what is normally a very difficult transition as easy as possible. Going live on time saved us immeasurably, and with the integration of complimentary mobile solutions such as Microsoft PowerApps, we now have a world class system that matches that of our terminal operations. We are looking forward to the future with MIBAR and NetSuite.”

-Wenny Balde CFO, Terminal One – JFK Airport (View Case Study)

Terminal Management for NetSuite

Able to be implemented within three to six months, MIBAR’s Terminal Management for NetSuite was specifically designed with the airport terminal manager in mind. We spent three years developing this industry-specific extension of NetSuite’s ERP that delivers a unified experience for terminal managers.

Terminal Management for NetSuite ties together financial reporting, budgeting, operational execution, contracts, and contract management, delivering both customer and vendor portals to simplify requests and invoices. Leveraging the NetSuite workflow engine, the terminal management platform, Terminal Management for NetSuite eliminates the friction caused by paperwork, silos, and spreadsheets.

This product is able to improve operational efficiency by up to 30%, incorporating contract escalation processes, third-party application extensions for workflows and various other customized elements that an airport terminal manager may need.

By automatically identifying missed invoicing opportunities and/or incorrect invoices, the platform also helps terminal managers recapture revenues that their manual systems may have overlooked.

In return, those managers gain from improved cashflow, improved billing cycles, better accuracy, and labor reductions.

Achieve Terminal Velocity with NetSuite and MIBAR

If you need a flexible and adaptable solution able to handle the complex challenges faced by airport terminals, look no further than NetSuite. This automated solution gives your users visibility, control, and major cost savings, evolving with your business and helping you to simplify management in an ever-changing landscape.

As a company who has worked with NetSuite for more than a decade, we know the ins and outs of this powerful product and have the skills to customize it for your unique needs.