Cloud Services

At MIBAR, we have been in the business of technology for nearly three decades. Since 1991, we have helped our clients to realize their needs, find the right software products and services, and use technology to get the job done. During this time, we have seen hype, trends, and world-changing advancements that have redefined the technological and competitive landscape.

Cloud computing, the delivery of computing services ranging from software to infrastructure over the internet, fits firmly into the category of world-changing advancements. While nothing new, these technologies have become more feasible in the last decade and offer secure, cost-effective, and advanced capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

Knowing this, the move from a traditional on-premises, server-based computing environment to the cloud poses its own challenges for organizations. At MIBAR, we have helped companies like yours to overcome fears and to find value in the cloud, realizing the value that such a move offers and mitigating any potential for risk that comes alongside a cloud shift.

By working with MIBAR to discover, select, implement, and operate software and services in the cloud, you will be able to lean on an experienced partner who can develop a cloud strategy, coach you through the required cultural changes, integrate solutions, and secure your data as you move it from your servers to the cloud.

In a world of unnecessary risk, you can take comfort knowing that MIBAR will have your back through the process and has the necessary experience and expertise to architect an effective strategy that ensures safety, security and efficiency. So, whether you are implementing a new CRM system, or just need help moving over some email, can safely introduce new cloud technologies into your organization and teach you how to use them effectively. Get to know our skills, processes, products, and more, and contact us here for a free consultation.

“MIBAR has been our IT partner for over two decades now. Recently MIBAR succeeded in updating us from using outdated proprietary software into Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and CRM. They helped reduce our overall IT expenditure with innovative solutions like migrating our mail from our own server onto Exchange in the cloud.”

Tod Greenfield

President, Martin Greenfield Clothiers

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