Out of the Spreadsheet and into the Cloud: 5 Key Considerations When Implementing a Modern BI

You’ve had your “aha moment.” You’re finally ready to change your organization’s approach to business intelligence (BI)—or take it to the next level—and you’re eager to implement a solution and get your team up and running with their new tools and insights. While there’s no need to dampen your enthusiasm, don’t be hasty. Sit back, slow down, and consider some of the best practices that will ensure you select the right solution for your needs and deliver a stress-free implementation for your employees. In other words, plan for long-term, game-changing success.

If you’re in the process of selecting a BI tool for your company, this eBook is for you. We’ll share our take on the key considerations for deploying a modern BI approach across your organization:

  1. Computing environment
  2. User tools
  3. Change management
  4. Time to value
  5. The right choice

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