No matter how you look at it, healthcare is a rapidly changing industry. Whether this change is in the form of a medical breakthrough, a new regulation, or a change in payment schedules, it often feels like change is the only constant. As your organization grows, this change seems to speed up—fresh faces bring innovative ways to solve problems, regulators and watchdogs start taking a second look as you increase revenues, and new services result in new billing and payment procedures.

Healthcare in the United States is complex, competitive, and in a state of constant change. For growing organizations—especially those with outdated processes and disjointed systems—this growth can be painful, costly or even damaging to your business.

At MIBAR, we understand the complexities that go into running the finances at a modern healthcare organization, and during the past three decades, we have helped organizations just like yours to streamline and automate, increase visibility, ensure compliance, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

With the right tools, technologies, and processes, you can grow comfortably, address challenges as they arise, and make decisions—all without increasing headcount.

Enterprise Resource Planning

From the manufacture of pharmaceuticals or medical devices to the delivery of patient care, healthcare-focused organizations have unique needs.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Pharma, biotech and other organizations in the life sciences industry have to meet strict standards, laws, and regulations. As an industry regulated by the FDA, your production processes, materials, workflows, designs, and end product are heavily scrutinized, and everything needs to be tracked to the most granular of details. With complete, end-to-end manufacturing resource planning, you can get the control and visibility you need.

  • Quality Managment: With zero room for error, every single product needs to be traced, tested, and tracked. By leveraging granular inventory management and quality assurance modules, you can take control of your processes.
  • Procurement:  Manage your vendors and purchasing processes with the visibility to ensure you get the best price, quality, and transparency throughout the procurement process.
  • Supply Chain: Gain complete visibility into your supply chain. No matter where the materials come from, no matter where they go, the manufacturer is often liable if something goes wrong.

For more information on MRP/ERP, see our manufacturing industry page.

Services-Focused ERP

Tackle the challenges faced by organizations like yours by automating processes, taking control of workflows, and streamlining the reporting and compliance procedures. With data privacy one of the most pressing issues for healthcare organizations today, the right ERP can play an important role in reducing errors, protecting patients, and securing data.

  • Automated Financials: ERP is just one part of the picture at healthcare organizations. By automating your processes, you can take the potential for human error out of the equation and streamline processes such as reporting, budgeting, and closing the books.
  • Security in the Cloud: Healthcare data is prized by hackers who will go to any length to steal it. With role-based access and security that meets or exceeds current regulations, you can take solace knowing that your ERP isn’t the weakest link. More so, by breaking down silos, healthcare organizations can fight back against breaches on a unified front, rather than locking down dozens of disparate applications.
  • Streamlined Compliance and Reporting: Answer questions quickly, accurately, and confidently. With the right ERP for your needs, you can simplify and facilitate the compliance and reporting processes, providing accurate, real-time reporting with a complete set of audit trails.

Customer Relationship Management

No matter where you are in the healthcare value chain, it pays to treat your customers right. From the pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain to the provider/patient/payor relationship, companies need the most up-to-date, accurate view of their activities and profile. Customers expect their experience to be seamless, without delays to processing sales, amending orders or managing refunds if necessary.

  • Immediate Information, No Hiccups: Disparate, siloed systems can prove difficult—especially if your staff is already stretched thin. A unified approach removes the risks, errors, and effort that goes into the entry-and-re-entry process that occurs in siloed systems.
  • The Right Information, Readily Available: Your customer-facing employees should focus on the customer. An integrated apps approach ensures all your customer-facing employees can access any interaction or transaction data required to get the deal done immediately.
  • Ready to Grow: As you grow, adding staff should be an exciting moment, not done in a fit of desperation. The right CRM for healthcare organizations allows you to grow your team at your own pace. Better yet, it will grow with you.

Business Intelligence

The healthcare world relies on many unique metrics and key performance indicators that don’t exist in other sectors. However, the rise of business intelligence software has made it easier than ever to slice and dice the information available no matter the source. With business intelligence for healthcare and life science companies from MIBAR, we will help you turn source data into insights with easy-to-use, easy-to-read dashboards.

Integration with Required Healthcare Applications

A healthcare organization’s technology stack includes much more than ERP, CRM and BI. At MIBAR, we have the skills and connections to help you integrate your business management suite with the applications you need to manage the healthcare side of the equation.

Grow Your Healthcare or Life Sciences Organization with MIBAR

At MIBAR, we’ve been in the business of implementing and supporting business management software for nearly three decades, and understand that the best solution for your business is the one that fits into your processes, works for your people, and makes your business run more smoothly.

During this time, we’ve perfected the art of consultation and implementation to help reduce implementation risk, increase the likelihood of on-time projects, and ensure that users are ready, willing, and able to use their new software. Learn more about our process, read our case studies, and contact us for a free consultation.