Whether it’s in Albany or Worcester, MIBAR has been in business since 1991 to help companies in the New York Metro and greater Northeast to work smarter and grow faster. We know that it takes a lot of work to get the job done, and no matter the industry, it pays to have someone in your corner who can make your job easier.

As each industry is unique, we understand that a one-size-fits-all implementation plan is not going to work for anyone. This is why we’ve tailored our process for nearly three decades to meet the needs of your unique business in your specific industry.

Whether you’re looking to get more mileage out of your data or need a complete overhaul of your processes, we’ve helped companies just like yours to discover, implement, and operate the technologies they need to get the job done.

Wholesale Distribution

The wholesale distribution industry continues to face intense competition, high customer expectations, and increasing supply chain risk. Take control of everything from inventory to ecommerce to financials with complete, flexible, and unified ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and more with the help of MIBAR.

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For financial services, transparency is a top priority. Highly regulated and in need of complete control, financial services firms need software that is robust, automatic, and secure if they want to minimize risks and maximize customer satisfaction.

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From the shop floor to the top floor, you need control, visibility, and the ability to pivot on a dime if you want to thrive throughout the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Learn how to become smarter, leaner, and more profitable with complete manufacturing-focused ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and more.

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The retail industry continues to undergo massive disruption as the power moves further into the consumer’s hands. As you push to refocus your business in order to compete with competitors both locally and globally, you need complete control of orders, inventory, customer service, and more if you hope to grow. Learn how MIBAR helps retail brands take command of their operations with ERP, CRM, BI, and more.

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Highly regulated and immensely complex, healthcare organizations need to leverage top of the line security and technology without the associated costs. Learn how healthcare companies like yours can take complete visibility and control with advanced, compliant, and affordable cloud solutions.

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Food & Beverage

For food and beverage companies, control and speed are top priorities. Gain complete visibility throughout your supply chain with robust ERP, CRM, BI, and more from MIBAR.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

As the consumer packaged goods industry faces new pressures including changing consumer demands, cost cutting efforts, and challenges from retailers, companies like yours need to take control. Learn more about taking this control with solutions customized and supported by MIBAR.

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Professional Services

From contract initiation to project completion and beyond, professional services companies have unique needs and need solutions designed to help them increase project profitability, improve customer satisfaction, and make better decisions. Get a complete view of people, projects, profit and more with advanced ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and more with the help of MIBAR.

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MIBAR’s Terminal Management for NetSuite was specifically designed with the airport terminal manager in mind. Terminal Management for NetSuite ties together financial reporting, budgeting, operational execution, contracts, and contract management, delivering both customer and vendor portals to simplify requests and invoices.

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For Fast Growing Companies

We are proud to serve some of our nation’s fastest growing companies in the Food & Beverage, Wholesale & Distribution, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, and Retail sectors.