Have you just upgraded your business to enterprise resource planning (ERP)? You are surely headed for greatness. Indeed, your business must get the best from every investment. Most business innovators and business leaders assume that once their businesses have implemented a high-level ERP such as NetSuite, all their challenges and business survival threats will disappear. Their business will thrive, and productivity will shoot.

True, these are some of the benefits of NetSuite. If anything, it is one of the top ERP platforms in the world. All businesses that embrace NetSuite will most definitely reap the benefits of its world-class features.

But, hey, your business is not static. We know that NetSuite is just a portion of your game plan. Your business will most likely expand and grow to bring with it new opportunities to explore.

For that, you need personalized NetSuite support and optimization services, all geared to help your business get the full benefits of NetSuite and steer it to the next level of growth and profitability.

Why traditional support is not the best fit for your business?

Your business needs an implementation partner to help you get the best from NetSuite. For starters, traditional support:

  • Does not respond to your strategic business
  • They don’t seem to understand you; the entrepreneur or your business
  • There are more knowledgeable and skilled people out there who can offer NetSuite support
  • They just don’t respond to your queries in time.

There has to be an option. Sure, there is. Expert ERP partners like MIBAR offer you top-notch customer support services to ensure that you get the best from your NetSuite usage and investment. Of course, you don’t have the time to keep re-telling your NetSuite experience and the challenges you might be experiencing to anyone who picks your call next. You need people who care enough to understand your business and offer your personalized support irrespective of what it takes.

1. NetSuite Consulting & Advisory for business

Upon upgrading to NetSuite ERP, you are most probably hoping for some business growth and expansion. Sure, NetSuite will get you there, while at it, you will need professional advice about NetSuite ERP.

The point is that you need professional help on the modules that will serve your new operations, recommendations on selecting the best performance-oriented SuiteApps, and the incremental benefits that you can get from integrating NetSuite in your new operations.

Personalized support means much more than just ensuring the successful initial deployment of NetSuite ERP. It entails flexible management packages and after-sales services that will take care of NetSuite ERP in case of business growth or expansion. If anything, that is the ultimate goal of upgrading your ERP, anyway!

2. Dedicated contact person

We value your time. We know that when you upgraded to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software you meant business. You want your business to grow and realize some good returns on investment. This explains why you need a dedicated contact person who understands your vision and proactively seeks to provide your business with solutions and illuminate paths to opportunities even before you know they exist.

With a dedicated person, you will not have to retell your situation and explain your business every time you need help. It is the business of the contact person to know and understand your business. This is akin to having a NetSuite expert as part of your staff without including them in your payroll.

3. A team with a proven level of expertise

You must get it right here, or all is lost.

According to Gartner, “more than 75% of all ERP implementation projects fail due to a lack of industry knowledge, clarity of cost, time scale, functionality, training, and resource issues.”

Your business needs technical experts who can handle any task related to NetSuite.  You can trust your company to experts who can accurately and professionally complete tasks such as NetSuite implementation, integration, customization, data migration, optimization, and support.  With the right team, you will not need loads of overhead to source for people who can handle only portions of what you want to be done.

In addition to a dedicated contact person, MIBAR will give you access to a proven team of experts.

 4. NetSuite Training and On-Boarding for your staff

Notably, most of your employees will be using NetSuite ERP for the first time. Part of personalized support entails live training and orientation for your staff to ensure the seamless flow of your business processes.

We help and journey with your staff, taking them through the necessary steps and showing them how to troubleshoot minor issues that may arise in the implementation stages. Our training ensures that the migration process from your old ERP to NetSuite is seamless and does not cause disruption in your business.

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5. Proactive NetSuite Optimization

Once a new implementation is completed, the NetSuite platform offers default features that need to be customized to meet your specific business needs. You don’t have to engage a full-time employee to do that- of course, you want to get the very best without breaking a bank. So, worry no more, we have this sorted. We are here to ensure that you reap the most from NetSuite for maximum return on investment.

For success, you need to partner with seasoned professionals to ace the rather complex process of implementing and customization of NetSuite ERP. We just can’t leave you stuck at the base when your vision is to head all the way up. We pride ourselves in taking the front seat to your success and that is achieved by our commitment to helping your team in the  optimization process which is critical for maximum benefits. Reach out to our team at MIBAR today!

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