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As a leading NetSuite partner, we’ve established a genuine methodology to help maximize every dollar of your ERP budget and ensure NetSuite is meeting your needs. We assist businesses just like yours to identify areas of risk and inefficiency, rescue implementations, assist with NetSuite enhancements and improvements, provide support, training, and much more.

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NetSuite Support Case Study

A+ Technology and Security Aces Their NetSuite Optimization With MIBAR

A+ Technology and Security Solutions partnered with MIBAR to optimize their existing NetSuite platform for better operational efficiency and performance.

This initiative required a master reconfiguration of the whole NetSuite system, which MIBAR officials compared to performing brain surgery. During all of this, the business still was using its software to control its systems, so very precise fixes were required to start with. At the same time, every division had different goals and performance needs which added to the challenge of the holistic focus.

Some elements included:

  • Improving naming conventions, which addressed how files are consistently labeled, stored, and retrieved. This required implementing a system of universal serial numbers.
  • Improving the management process of procurement contracts and licenses that included implementing smoother workflow protocols and adding system-wide alerts when changes are made or other notes.
  • Assistance from MIBAR representatives about situations that could be solved by certain modules. They also provided guidance in how to purchase and implement these new modules, including which features and options could be enabled. A+ employees were also shown features of their existing modules they weren’t aware of.
  • Retraining staff on the new processes with newly-written procedures designed to be less complicated and now allow more opportunity for input.
  • Setting a goal of having all processes online rather than relying on hard copies of spreadsheets.
  • Condensing extra databases as needed.
  • Creating a custom device record which allowed employees to merge and tag data to specific contracts.
  • Incorporating “A+ Virtual,” a separate division, into the main A+ environment.

“I would classify the past few days as enlightening and invigorating. Your team is a welcome breath of fresh air in an otherwise murky NetSuite world! Very helpful & pragmatic – exactly what we needed! A straight shooter with practical solutions for our business model. I’d definitely like MIBAR to help us going forward in several areas – set up of Suite Analytics Connect & Power BI – just to name a few.”

Linda Trudel

CFO, Wildlife Trading Company

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Our NetSuite Support and Diagnostic Methodology

The MIBAR team is ready to optimize your NetSuite configuration. Our diagnostic methodology includes (but is not limited to):

  • On boarding your dedicated services team in a responsible manner
  • A deep analysis of your current NetSuite configuration and set up – walk through each of the modules in use to see how they have been configured. 
  • Execute on low-hanging fruit identified in the on-boarding
  • Preparation of project documentation
    • Identification of short-term and long-term remediation objectives & budgets. 
    • Data integration strategy 
    • Third party integrated solutions as required 
    • Project components (services and licensing) 
    • Roles and responsibilities 
    • Timelines

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