There is an old saying that a shoe makers child is often without shoes.

What this typically means is that the that the shoe maker spends so much time repairing the shoes of his customers that he doesn’t have the time to repair his children’s shoes. Well, this is the case at MIBAR as we are often so involved with helping our clients working on new system implementations (NetSuite, Acumatica, GP), Power BI, CRM, Infrastructure support and continual training to name a few, we sometimes neglect to treat our own company as a client and create work efficiencies for our team.

One such case was taking advantage of NetSuite’s ability to allow our team to enter their weekly Expense Reports through the Employee Center. This has proven to be a time saver for our team members as giving them the ability to enter expenses from their phones or laptops and being able to go back into the Employee Center to check the status of their open expense reports while also being able to look up past Expenses.

Below are the steps required to allow your employees to enter their Expense reports directly into NetSuite.

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features

NetSuite Expense Reports Enable Features

You will need to ensure your employees have access to the NetSuite Employee Center:  Lists > Employees > Employee > Access Tab

  • Assign the employee the Employee Center Role
  • Note: Employee Center Licenses are much less expensive than general licenses and will allow your employees who do not require a general license to become “self-service user”
NetSuite Expense Reports Employee Center

If your Employee has a general license they can enter Expense Reports by going to: Transactions > Employees > Enter Expense Reports.

NetSuite enter expense reports

As with any form in NetSuite you can customize the form to suit your needs. MIBAR customized their Expense Report Form to capture the information our company requires.

Below is an example of the MIBAR Customized Expense Report Form.

NetSuite Customized Expense Report Form

The employee can attach their Expense receipts and back-up to the actual Expense report by attaching a file to Files under the Communications tab.

NetSuite Attach Expense Receipts

Once an Employee completes and submits their Expense Report it is available for approval by their manager.

This can be accomplished by setting up a reminder and selecting the link to Expense Reports to Approve (you will need to create this reminder), which will take you to the Approve Expense Reports Page.

NetSuite Approve Expense Reports

Once the employee’s manager approves the Expense it will be routed to our controller for Accounting Approval and scheduled payment.

By enabling the Employee Center for our employees, we have reduced the time it takes to create submit and have expense reports approved which makes our employees happier and more efficient.

As a leading NetSuite partner, we’ve established a genuine methodology to help maximize every dollar of your ERP budget and ensure NetSuite is meeting your needs. Learn more about our NetSuite support and optimization services.

If you have any questions about the NetSuite Expense Report, contact MIBAR today. Need help with NetSuite? We can help! Learn more about our NetSuite services or schedule a free consultation

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