A question that often comes up among new NetSuite users is: “What is the difference between ‘Applied to Transaction’ and ‘Applying Transaction’ in saved searches, and when should they be used.”

Being able to determine the difference helps users to construct saved searches that communicates information from the origin of a record straight through to the next transformation of that record within a transaction.

For example, data points from an opportunity and a fulfillment can be presented in a sales order saved search. The “Applied to Transaction” refers to the originating record or opportunity in the example above. The “Applying Transaction” is the fulfillment or the next stage of progression for this sales order. You can also retrieve information from records that are even later in this sales process when using “Applying Transaction”. It may be difficult to remember which record you are referencing when selecting the applied to vs applying transaction menu options in a saved search. The way I tend to remember is by referring to the order that the menu options show. “Applied to…” shows before “Applying…”, so I know that the “Applied to Transaction” would be the record before and the “Applying Transaction” would be the record after.

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