To thrive in the food and beverage industry, you need a solution that keeps you updated in real-time and centralizes your management processes. With the right tools in place, you’ll save time and money, realizing your business goals more efficiently.

Crush Wine & Spirits is one such company that’s scaling its business beyond the pandemic and the many challenges the last few years have brought to business leaders. This organization has been able to keep up with supply chain demands and meet its customers’ needs. Check out their story here.

How, you ask? It’s all thanks to NetSuite, which has thrust Crush Wine & Spirits’ strategies effectively, helping the company adapt to numerous changes in the market. Want to learn how you can uncork mega-success with new cloud systems?

Let’s take a look!

How Can You Achieve Massive Business Success with the New Cloud System?

1) Independent Supply Chain

The global supply chain can hinder effective decision-making in your business. But, thanks to the new cloud system, you have access to an independent supply chain, which will help you automatically prioritize inventory allocation to sales orders. Planners can estimate when the stock will be available regardless of their location, allowing for the smooth operation of your business.

This feature also allows you to see workbench details, helping you predict demand level. You can plan for the right amount and specific supplies with this information. So, how about past rejected recommendations? The independent supply chain allows you to end rejected recommendations, ensuring you concentrate on essential decision-making data.

2) Better Planning

Planning is vital for every business’s success, whether creating work plans or arranging for beverage distribution. NetSuite allows for more effective planning, as it offers you better visibility into your inventories, invoices, reports, and different market elements. For instance, you can determine the demand to expect based on past data so you can more accurately plan for the future supply. Moreover, this system gives you accurate data to work with so you can ultimately increase your company’s profitability.

And when changes occur in the industry, whether in your region or across the globe, it helps you adapt to trends and continue thriving. One good example is the pandemic and all the restrictive measures that came with it; the new cloud system became a vital tool for businesses the world over.

3) Personalization Options

While working with an enhanced cloud system has its advantages, you don’t want just any cloud solution. Instead, you want a system that can match all your company’s requirements. That’s what the new cloud system does; it allows for personalization, giving you a more enhanced experience.

Wondering why this is necessary? Personalization facilitates the solution’s efficient response to your unique business strategies. Consequently, you can run your company smoothly, as you’re assured there will be no disruption in your systems.

4) Centralization of Business Processes

In this era, having core processes in one place is no longer a goal; instead, it’s a vital necessity. Whether you want to keep up with marketing, sales, or operations in your company, you need a central place where you can access and view all your organization’s essential metrics in one place. This ensures you stay updated so you can make informed decisions that will benefit your entire operation.

NetSuite connects all the core elements of your business, giving you access to any aspect at any time. The executive staff doesn’t have to move from one system to another to learn the progress of each department. Whether you’re researching figures or analytics, you get all the necessary information in one place so you can see in a snapshot the successes and opportunities of your organization.

5) Scalability

One of the worries business owners have when they acquire a system is whether it will scale with their companies. NetSuite understands it’s important for its customers to consider the future when they make investments into their organizations; that’s why this tool is both customizable and scalable.

Whether you plan to open multiple entities nationally or go global, NetSuite can help ensure your processes and access to data grow with you. The new cloud system scales with your business, eliminating disruptions and additional costs for implementing new systems.

6) Automation

Operational automation provides a stress-free environment for every stakeholder and employee in the company. When an employee wants to update information across different departments, he or she can do accomplish this task with a single click. Automation eliminates challenges, such as human error, which can have time- and resource-consuming consequences.

7) Memorable Customer Experiences

Customers want value for their money, and that’s why you’ll find them searching online before they purchase items or services. As a company, you need a system that can help you create a memorable customer experience so you boost engagement with your brand and keep existing customers coming back.

NetSuite offers you features that facilitate easy and fast implementation of an eCommerce site. For instance, you can incorporate a retail POS using the Shopify platform. With this, you can operate efficiently, offering your customers a more personalized experience. When you utilize the power of third-party platforms, you can leverage the NetSuite Connector to synchronize them with integrations to the marketplace, POS Systems, eCommerce platforms, and 3PLs.

8) Competitive Advantages

Besides keeping you updates and helping you operate your company efficiently, the new cloud system gives you an edge over the competition. This high-end system is flexible enough to adapt to different changes, facilitating efficient operations at minimal costs. As a result, it lowers your expenses, increasing your business profitability.

Let’s take the last couple years, for example. The pandemic caused numerous employees to work remotely, which was a sudden change and a pivot many organizations across the globe weren’t prepared to make. Luckily, those businesses that had the NetSuite system in place went ahead with their operations without much difficulty—Crush Wine & Spirits being one of them.

This solution keeps you updated and provides you with significant features now and then to ensure your business realizes growth daily. Hence, it keeps you ahead of your competitors!

Get Expert NetSuite Implementation to Scale Your Food and Beverage Business

Planning to get a system that will boost your business? At MIBAR, we help all types of businesses implement and optimize NetSuite for efficient operation and maximum growth. So, whether you own a beverage company or you’re a distributor, our team of experts can help you integrate this high-end solution into your business.

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