The food and beverage industry is, and always has been, a fast-paced business, where it is crucial to keep track of every single detail within the operation. A mistake can lead to spoiled food items, elevated costs and irreparable mistakes in the logistics, and the pressure put on food and beverage companies is only increasing with the introduction of food delivery apps and technological advances. Everything needs to click.

What can make or break a company in this industry is the system used to stay organized and in control. These types of systems should ideally provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions, along with total control and visibility. You can’t fix what you can’t see, and your system should be one you can rely on, and the answer is using ERP.

Benefits of Cloud ERP for Food and Beverage Companies

Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) is becoming the new go-to for food and beverage manufacturers, thanks to it offering a highly dependable system that lets you see exactly what is going on within your business, including your inventory and any relevant recall information. You get the control you need to succeed.

We are going to have a look at a few of the benefits that come with Cloud ERP, and especially for food and beverage companies and those running a business in a similar field.

1. Product Inventory

One of the biggest benefits when moving to Cloud ERP is the control you get over your inventory. Inventory accuracy is extremely important in all business areas as it prevents product waste and essentially saves you money, but in the food and beverage industry – its relevance goes beyond simply reducing costs.

With Cloud ERP you can keep track of the exact ingredients that are used when producing a specific food item or drink, and this allows you to go back and double check if there is ever doubt or an issue.

Tracking your inventory with Cloud ERP also eliminates the risk of something as simple as human error, and gives you a chance to discover errors before the product leaves your facility. If an error occurs, you will be able to track it back to its source, to prevent it from happening again.

2. Recalls

Having to issue a recall of a product is never beneficial, and you want to take every measure you can to prevent it from happening. You want your manufacturing processes to be traceable and as transparent as possible, as it allows you the unique opportunity to spot the (hopefully) unlikely issue early on.

In a growing company, you eventually need to let go and rely on your employees and your work processes to do their job, but with Cloud ERP, you take back some of that control by opening up a window to everything that happens both during production and after a product is shipped out. There is suddenly no room for unnecessary or undetected mistakes.

If a product was still to be recalled, you can easily provide the necessary paperwork that could be asked for, and prove exactly how something was produced or manufactured.

3. Quality Checks

Bigger businesses tend to import ingredients from other locations, and this opens up for errors, which cannot exist in the food and beverage industry. Everything from delivery times to expiration dates and ingredient quality becomes key to success, and when products are coming in from another state or even country; a simple log book or paper log might no longer be enough.

Here is where Cloud ERP can really change how your business runs, as it provides you with a tool that can automate these processes and make sure the proper quality checks and controls are always carried out accordingly.

By moving this responsibility from a person and to a sophisticated system, you are also eliminating the risk of someone losing their job over a simple, yet potentially serious, error.

4. Operation Optimization

Another benefit is the effort and time Cloud ERP saves your company! Instead of paying someone to do the job, you can have the ERP system do it for you – with impressive accuracy – and spend that money on something else to boost productivity instead.

The access to real-time data also cuts the time it takes to calculate and register information, which will inevitably speed up the production process and let you move on to the next manufacturing step significantly faster.

Humans may be capable of many things, but we cannot compete with a fully automated system that cuts costs by speeding up production times and reducing the risk of error.

5. Cost Reduction

Speaking of costs, Cloud ERP puts everything in black and white, and it makes it quick and easy to see if time can be saved somewhere in the manufacturing process, or if product waste can be eliminated or reduced. Cutting small costs can make or break a food and beverage company, and Cloud ERP will provide you with a clear answer as to where potential liabilities in the manufacturing process can be found.

It is also an excellent way to step up your game, get the product out there faster without errors, and to beat the competition with better products and a quicker turnaround.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Issue

The ERP software market is undeniably here to stay, and it is predicted to grow significantly over the next few years. If you are serious about growing your food and/or beverage business, your first step should be to consider moving to Cloud ERP.

Companies are taking control by offering straight-forward processes, transparent operations and error-free procedures, and the success shows in the increased total revenue.

Technology has made some incredible advances in recent years, and as a food and beverage professional, using Cloud ERP is something you owe it to your company to at least consider. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see every step of the manufacturing process to assure both quality, efficiency and timeliness?

Did We Pique Your Interest?

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