The world is evolving, people are starting to go outside more, and businesses are starting to make their way back to a semblance of normalcy. But as this happens, one can expect new ways of work. Maybe it’s something as simple as hiring a cleaning service, maybe it requires new HR policies, or maybe it represents a formalization of processes and procedures you had to put in motion over the last few months.

Any way that you look at it, you’ve already had to make some changes, you’re going to have to make a few more as business reopens, but how drastic and how permanent will those be as you get back to normal?

Following our blog last month on the seven steps every business needs to take before the economy reopens, we’re excited to announce a new webcast for business leaders looking to forge ahead confidently in the next month.

Open for Business – The Path to Recovery

For many businesses, the initial lockdowns were a shock to the system. Work from home orders changed the day-to-day operations, the workflows, and often the technologies that existed. Understandably, your people were able to adapt to the changes, but now that you have a second, maybe you should take this as a sign to look at how everything worked.

As you look to reopen and pivot your business toward the new reality, it’s important to look at whether the changes you made were temporary or permanent, and whether they were quick fixes or things that delivered lasting value.

But it’s also time to ask yourself about the processes and practices that existed before you went into lockdown. How were they affected by the changes? Did a change in business expose the limitations of a product you use? Did the product help or hinder user productivity? Was the disruption enough to overwhelm your systems?

July 23: Join Us for The Path to Recovery: Adapting Your Business Model as the Economy Reopens

Success in the 2020s will require more agility, flexibility, and connectedness. Disruption will come in the form of things that may challenge you more than a pandemic, and your ability to adapt matters.

It’s a good question, and one that we look to answer in an upcoming webinar titled Open for Business – The Path to Recovery.

Scheduled for July 23, this event is focused on helping leaders plan for the future and adapt their business model as the economy reopens. Join MIBAR as we host guest panelist Gary Bettan, President of Broadfield Distributing Inc., Founder and President of Videoguys, and a digital transformation leader who has helped startups and mid-market companies future-proof their business in an ever-changing competitive landscape.

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