The end of the year is always a busy time for the MIBAR team and its clients. Whether that’s the hectic time that many of us face closing out the year, the more hectic time that goes into finding the perfect gift, or the extra work we’re doing for our clients as part of our special end of year NetSuite sale, the end of the year is also an exciting time as well.

Why? It’s the time of year when the best, highest quality VARs are announced. At MIBAR, we’ve long been on the leading edge of the ERP implementation partner and reseller community, and once again are excited to announce our inclusion into the ERP Global Insights (formerly Bob Scott’s Insights) VAR Star List for 2019. 

VAR Stars: A List of High-Quality Implementation Partners

One of the three annual reports focused on the VAR/implementation partner community, the VAR Stars list is unique. Rather than ranking VARs by size like the Accounting Today Top 100 VARs and ERP Global Insights VAR 100, the VAR Star list answers a question that matters most to clients—is the VAR good?

Though size does matter—it’s necessary to find a VAR who isn’t overwhelmed by your company needs—many companies rightfully place priority on VARs who can innovate, demonstrate leadership, and deliver high-quality work. 

Defining VAR Stars: What Makes a VAR Star Better?

What does it mean to be a VAR Star? According to the report:

“The selection of mid-market accounting software resellers for Bob Scott’s VAR Stars rest on one basic principal: quality, not revenue, as the deciding factor in picking the 100 businesses that are selected for this honor […]

A variety of criteria go into the definition of quality including awards resellers have received from vendors, […] leadership in the industry and development and acceptance of important software products by the resellers are all factors in the selection.”

Essentially, the report asks whether or not a VAR delivered for its clients and vendors, and we are proud to announce that once again, we did.

MIBAR Founder Interviewed in VAR Stars Report

In the section titled “Going Cloud,” our very own top brass was interviewed, discussing our aggressive move to the cloud, our launch of Business Central, and our exciting growth:

Big Money in the Cloud has moved aggressively to the cloud and it has paid off, according to CEO Bart Nachimow, who has led the New York, N.Y.-based firm since its founding in 1991. 

“Business has definitely accelerated in a big way,” he says. Revenue was up 18 percent in 2018 and has risen about 22 percent this year over last year. Mibar.Net has concentrated on three cloud products: Acumatica, Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite. The strategy has not only increased the number of deals, but it has also produced bigger deals. 

“It’s not that they [clients] don’t care about budgets,” Nachimow says. “They have a greater appetite for consulting around cloud initiatives.” 

A Market for Helping ERP Orphans

Among the cloud lines, NetSuite has paid off in a way not cited by most resellers. Usually, VARs talk about serving orphans of other VARs. MIBAR is doing well helping orphans of NetSuite’s direct sales force. The orphans, he said “tried to do an implementation with a [NetSuite] direct team and it’s an absolute failure,” says Nachimow. 

Although the orphans can use the software, “They limp through the low-ball estimate NetSuite gives them,” he continues. MIBAR steps in and enables customers to get the kind of business transformation they expected from the original implementation. 

MIBAR’s Future with Business Central

MIBAR’s work with Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Central is early in go-to-market process. The product is for prospects “that are a little bit bigger than our existing clients,” he says. Nachimow describes the future of Business Central this way. “We see it gaining tremendous traction,” he says.

One reason for demand is on-premise Dynamics users who are seeing Microsoft’s message that those systems are not the way of the future “as they continue to push Dynamics GP off the map.” 

Making Your ERP Better: MIBAR Knows Power BI

MIBAR also has been active with Power BI, Microsoft’s analytical offering. “Power BI kind of crosses all platforms,” he says. “We can connect to virtually anything in a hurry and provide rapid time to value.”

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The Only True Cloud VAR Star Headquartered in NYC

For our clients and potential clients in New York City, you already know that you don’t have to go far to get what you need in this city. Out of the hundred companies listed, however, only four can make the claim that this city is their true home. 

Only two sell Dynamics GP and Business Central. Only one of these companies headquartered here sells true cloud solutions in Acumatica and NetSuite. Guess who? MIBAR.

For those of you who don’t just want a local presence, but a partner who lives and breathes this city, whose A-Team is right here in Manhattan, and who can confidently say we know the New York business landscape, there’s really only one option when you want a partner able to implement a diverse lineup of solutions.

The MIBAR team has a skillset and history of success for clients who need Dynamics Business Central, GP, Acumatica, or NetSuite, as well as a broad variety of solutions designed to make these products even better. Get to know more about us and contact us for a free consultation.