More exciting news from MIBAR! Following the recent release of the 2019 VAR 100 by Source Media’s Accounting Today, we are excited to announce that we have once again appeared on this list of market leaders.

MIBAR Named to Accounting Today VAR 100

Following our appearance on the list of Bob Scott’s ERP Global Insights list of leading value added resellers, we are proud to announce that we have also been named to the list of leading value added resellers by Accounting Today.

The list, similar in scope to the ERP Global Insights Top 100 List, ranks VARs on their annual revenue from ERP implementation and support services to discover which implementation partners have the skills size, and scope to deliver for their clients.

MIBAR has been a mainstay on this list, and once again made a strong showing. In fact, thanks to our growing Power BI practice; continued success selling Dynamics GP, NetSuite, and Acumatica; as well as our CRM success, we have added over a half-million dollars in revenue in the last year and have moved up four spots in the Accounting Today list, rapidly approaching the top 50 and appearing at number 53 in 2019.

The Accounting Today VAR 100: Trends and Talking Points

In addition to releasing a table of the leading revenue generators, the list additionally talks about the ongoing opportunities and trends in the industry.

The Cloud is the de Facto Option

While the Accounting Today shows a bit of self-awareness about the hype surrounding the cloud, asking, “Are you tired of hearing about the cloud yet?,” there is good reason for the hype. What started gaining popularity in the early 2010s became a priority in recent years, and now even laggards are on the hype train.

One such example of this is the cloud for the food and beverage industry, an industry built on stability and who was mentioned as an “industry [that] might take a longer time to adopt new technology.”

Now, according to the report, most industries will catch up with moving into the cloud — as the cloud becomes more globalized, it will be unavoidable.

Knowing this, it still pays to be pragmatic when it comes to the cloud. As discussed in our recent whitepaper, fake cloud products have come into the market. These products, released by legacy vendors, may come from familiar brands—especially in industries who were slow to adopt the cloud. For instance, manufacturing and food and beverage brands may be targeted by a new “cloud” option that is little more than a repurposed on-premises application. If you are looking to avoid the dangers of the fake cloud, we invite you to download our free guide to avoid falling for fake cloud.

This said, true cloud options like NetSuite and Acumatica have thrived, with 18 and 17 of the top VARs selling these products.

Specialization is Key

With some industries slower to adopt, the practice of specialization is becoming more common, with accounting firms and VARs finding increased benefits in verticalization and niching up. This not only benefits the VARs, it benefits the clients, who gain a partner who has industry knowledge and customization skills to deliver tailored products.

At MIBAR, we grew by picking a specific set of clients with whom we work, and though we aren’t 100% focused on a specific industry, we are big enough to have people with in-depth knowledge into the needs of distribution, finance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, food and beverage, CPG, and professional services.

Don’t believe us? We have the case studies to prove it.

Integration by Vendors and VARs

As customer needs change, there is a decline in the need for inflexible legacy accounting solutions and a stronger demand for modern, cloud-centric and AI-geared solutions with capabilities to scale with a company’s growth and connect with all their other systems.

This is being delivered by both vendors and VARs. Vendors like Acumatica and NetSuite have begun to expand into AI, while partners like MIBAR have worked on developing integrations for clients that work with both solutions and ultimately are more capable, more affordable, and less brittle.

Learn More: Accounting Today VAR 100

We are proud to continue moving up the list of the biggest VARs and are excited to once again be recognized by both ERP Global Insights and Accounting Today for our successes. We invite you to read the entire report here, learn more about the solutions we offer, and contact us for a free consultation.