Low-code applications. If it sounds like an oxymoron, you’d be wrong. In fact, with an expanding market for low-code applications and an increasing need for developers, more and more companies are turning to their citizen developer corps to develop focused business applications that provide necessary insights.

But how can they make this happen? Simple. Solutions take the hand coding out of the equation, replacing this with point and click, drag and drop functionality, meaning that anyone can build web and mobile applications without writing code. Whether you’re using these applications to extend Dynamics 365 or working with a partner who can help you better leverage the common data service, solutions within the Power Platform help you make the most of your business.

From our exploration into the rise of self-service BI to the many use cased of the Power Platform—a COVID-19 app in Power BI, the use cases for the Power Platform for integration, and an early look at how to make the most of the Power Platform—we’ve noted just how easy Power Platform Applications make the life for business users.

The Rise of Low-Code and the Need for Solutions

Why? It’s simple—there’s a whole lot of value in the low-code world. Just as citizen data scientists helped to deliver more intuition and address the lack of pure-play data scientists, pro developer talent is scarce and building apps from scratch can be expensive and slow. In fact, did you know that…

  • Demand for mobile apps is growing 5x faster than IT departments can deliver?
  • Or that 86% of organizations struggle to find technical talent to build their apps?
  • And that 60% of IT professionals report an app development backlog?

The low-code market is in turn booming. According to Globe Newswire, the market for low-code apps and automation is growing and is predicted to exceed $50 Billion in 2024—making now the time to look into a product built to deliver the needs of today’s citizen developers.

How PowerApps Fits into Today’s Business

Introduced as part of the larger Power Platform, PowerApps is Microsoft’s answer to the low-code needs. PowerApps lets you build custom applications with simple point and click, drag and drop functionality that lets your people do more.

With low-code Power Apps, you can create custom applications for customers in just hours using simple drag-and-drop components and templates. This opens the door to new ways to expand your practice. Start small with one solution and then build out other scenarios and processes across the customer’s organization. You can also help customers create their own apps.

Not only that, PowerApps is built to make the tools you already use even smarter. Since Power Apps easily integrates with Microsoft 365 and Teams, Dynamics 365, and Azure services, they provide a great cross-sell and upsell opportunity as well.

Learn More: Microsoft Tech Talks Show You How

Whether you’re looking for a simple app or looking to bring these into the day-to-day operations of your business, Microsoft has recently released two on-demand tech talks to help you clear up any misconceptions about low-code.

Build Agile Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

If you’re looking to modernize legacy apps, accelerate low-code development, or automate processes with intelligence and agility, this tech talk explores how you can build business processes for your customers leveraging the Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agent. Click here to view the on-demand tech talk, Build Agile Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform.

Connect the Power Platform with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has come into play as one of the biggest players in collaboration, project management, and more. But did you know that the Power Platform can take it further? Customers are rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams to enable secure remote work and transform organizational productivity. Join this webinar to learn how to leverage the latest product innovation on Teams as a Platform to serve customers.

Power Platform in Action: MIBAR Case Studies

As a growing provider of Power Platform products, we’re also a growing user of the product as well. From our very own Derek Nachimow’s experience building a parenting app to track sleep and bathroom schedules for a newborn to our success making an Airport Terminal Management solution that helped JFK Terminal One weather the lockdowns, we know a thing or two about making this solution work for our customers.

Get to know more about our work with Power Platform products and contact us for a free consultation.

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