The Microsoft Power Platform has made life easier for business users across the world. Consisting of Power BI, an affordable and easy to use business intelligence tool, PowerApps, a low-code development product, and Power Automate, a workflow management tool that can speed up businesses, these solutions improve productivity, decision making, and growth.

Following our last article on the improvements coming to Power BI, we would today like to look at the other updates coming to the Power Platform in Wave 1 2020, PowerApps and Power Automate.

What’s New and What’s on the Way in PowerApps?

PowerApps is the industry-leading low-code application development platform that underpins Dynamics 365 extensibility, Office 365 customization, and standalone custom line of business applications for customers around the world.

PowerApps dramatically lowers the cost, complexity, and time of software development through a range of powerful low-code development tools, and deep data platform in the Common Data Service, and hundreds of connectors to common business data sources.

Improvements coming in this wave are tailored to all users, and the 2020 release wave 1 provides significant improvements for Power Apps developers of all skill levels, improving the sophistication and usability of apps that are created across the web and mobile devices. Discussed in the video below, here are just some of the enhancements to expect.

  • Connect your people as well as your processes with deep integration from Azure to Microsoft Teams.
  • Reduce the number of steps to create apps for Microsoft Teams. In the latest update, business users can easily create an app within a channel and automatically generate some screens with data in your SharePoint site.
  • Deliver more on-the-go productivity with enhancements to the mobile platform—even when offline.
  • Access all of your favorite apps in a single mobile application without the need to switch between the Canvas app and model-driven app.
  • Empower even your least tech-savvy developers with enhanced full stack low code capabilities.
  • Get data added to PowerApps more easily with a modern solution import experience.
  • Connect with external audiences more easily with enhancements to portals, including better APIs, an improved Portal Checker, a simplified permissions environment, and tighter integration with Power BI Embedded.
  • Improved usability with better access to the Common Data Service. This delivers improved speed and reliability, improved data field use, and more.
  • User experience enhancements including improved grid column filtering, easier search, and more.

Enhancements in Power Automate Designed to Speed Up Your Workflows

Microsoft Power Automate makes it possible to grow your business productivity by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Power Automate provides a better way to get things done across your organization through digital and robotic process automation. There are three major investment areas for the 2020 release wave 1 (April-September 2020).

  • Reduce complexity with more field text expression actions, making text manipulations and formats significantly easier to configure.
  • Find new flows more easily with a new layout that makes it easier for you to discover everything you can do with Power Automate.
  • Access data more effectively with tighter connection with Microsoft Azure.
  • Enhance workflow intelligence with an easier to use AI builder experience.
  • Speed up Flow creation with copy and paste in Power Automate. Get up and running with a diet designer that allows you to choose the template that fits your needs, provide configuration inputs and connections, and you can automate your business scenarios within a minute or two.
  • Advance your skills with Microsoft Learn integration.
  • Trigger actions in specific circumstances with geofencing.
  • Take steps to improve user experience for customers, visitors, and more with UI automation for applications and websites.
  • Work faster with less input thanks to unattended automation in UI flows.
  • Connect people more effectively with business process flows in Microsoft Teams. With business process flows available in Microsoft Teams, Power Automate makes it easier to combine a step-by-step, human-based actions flow with your team conversations and shared documents.

Empower Your Business: Make the Most of Your Power Platform Applications with Help from MIBAR

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