NetSuite’s SuiteTalk web service enables you to automate and schedule the import of your data from staged files as a transaction in NetSuite.  In this example, I am going to demonstrate a sample routine that will import ACH payment data from an external ACH service into NetSuite as payments.  However, before importing, it is critical that I ensure that I do not duplicate records, which is what I’m going to focus on in this article.  You can achieve this by performing a duplicate check against a custom body field.

SuiteTalk Code Sample

private  Boolean FindDuplicatePayment(string pyt_identifier)


    SearchResult transactionSBR;

    List<SearchStringCustomField> oCustomSearchStringList =new List<SearchStringCustomField>();

    SearchStringCustomField custbody_achIdentifier =  newSearchStringCustomField();

    custbody_achIdentifier.scriptId=”custbody_pyt_ach_identifier”;  // id of customField    custbody_achIdentifier.searchValue = pyt_identifier; //value to check

    custbody_achIdentifier.operatorSpecified = true;

    custbody_achIdentifier.@operator =SearchStringFieldOperator.@is;


    TransactionSearchAdvanced transactionSA = newTransactionSearchAdvanced()


        //Below is the saved search that is defined in Netsuite already.

        savedSearchScriptId =”customsearch_check_pyt_identifier”,

        criteria = new TransactionSearch()


            basic = new TransactionSearchBasic()


                customFieldList =  oCustomSearchStringList.ToArray(),




    transactionSBR =;

    if (transactionSBR.status.isSuccess)


        if (transactionSBR.searchRowList.Length != 0 && transactionSBR.searchRowList != null)


            Console.WriteLine(String.Format(“Identifier found.. This record will not be imported.{0} “, pyt_identifier));

            return true;


        return false;


    return false;



Below is brief explanation of the above code sample.

  • pyt_identifier is the value to search within NetSuite
  • The identifier is a custom body field in NetSuite and must be scoped as SearchStringCustomField
  • The saved search in the example is customsearch_check_pyt_identifier which is already created in NetSuite as a saved search
  • oCustomSearchStringList works as a filter to the saved search by checking pyt_identifier value
  • transactionSBR will store saved search results and in this case I am just using the record count (length) to determine duplication

I hope this is useful.  If you’re looking for help extending, integrating and customizing NetSuite, please feel free to contact the MIBAR team – we’re here to help!

Until next time, happy coding!

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