Especially in the wake of the pandemic and associated lockdowns, more companies than ever have been turning to the cloud to run their business. With recent reports noting that companies are expecting to see major increases in cloud spending in the wake of COVID-19, business leaders are realizing the value that the cloud provides and are taking advantage of a wide range of benefits.

With 54% of enterprises expecting to see increased demand for cloud software in the future and 38% increasing their SaaS spending, those forging into the cloud are becoming more resilient, flexible, and agile. They’re also seeing another major benefit of moving to the cloud: rapid, robust updates.

Released twice annually, ERP solutions like Acumatica continue to deliver new functionality, ease of use improvements, and other enhancements designed to help end users and executives get more out of their business data. Following our exploration of new features in NetSuite, we would today like to discuss the major enhancements coming to the Acumatica software.

Acumatica’s Updates: Work Smarter, Power Growth, and Stay Ahead

Building on their continued success and recognition from G2 for delivering innovative ERP for customers in a variety of verticals, Acumatica has announced a variety of new features set to improve the solution further. Whether that’s an making the user experience better, delivering functionality built to connect, or laying the groundwork for future-ready innovation, Acumatica plans to add the following in their R2 release.

User Experience Improvements

Designed to help you work smarter—not harder, Acumatica has put a healthy focus on improving the user experience for those on the platform. Whether that’s by making the platform more intuitive, streamlining business processes, or facilitating workflows, Acumatica is taking their award-winning usability even further.

The R2 release is going to help companies save time and money in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the usability enhancements to look out for:

  • Save time and reduce expenses by automatically creating AP documents from vendor bills
  • Access recently visited records list instantly
  • Save time with address lookup and enrichment
  • Retrieve data more quickly with query join suggestions and previews

Core Functionality and Industry-Specific Enhancements

Whether it’s improving core financial management or delivering a better experience for industry end users, functionality enhancements are at the heart of any update. Acumatica once again delivers, providing continued innovation and improvement to each area of the product.

  • Financial Management: The core priority of an ERP system, Acumatica has worked to provide users with more control and visibility. Whether they’re helping you facilitate cross-company sales by allowing related companies to buy and sell from each other, giving you a centralized account management platform, or providing intuitive bank reconciliation to speed up your monthly tasks, Acumatica makes your job easier.
  • Retail and eCommerce: Especially in the new business and retail environment, companies need a solution that’s adaptable and ready for them. Acumatica continues to improve, providing Shopify integration and helping you provide a better experience for buyers.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution: For those companies specializing in manufacturing and distribution, you need improved control over ordering, inventory, and business processes. Looking to facilitate quality control? Acumatica has made it easy to track production outputs and get your products to market faster with an embedded third-party quality module. Need to make collections easier? Acumatica has introduced streamlined credit card processing. Need more control over purchasing? Prevent overpayment by validating bills against purchase orders
  • Field Service: Acumatica has long worked to improve the experience for end users both in the dispatcher office and in the trucks. But companies in the field service landscape have long required a solution able to handle long-term projects and jobs. Acumatica has delivered, adding a feature that enables appointments to span days and allows field service workers to record travel and break time with multi-day appointments.

Platform Enhancements Built to Future-Proof ERP

The final focus of Acumatica is to lay groundwork for whatever comes next. Platform enhancements facilitate future innovation and add powerful capabilities. Whether these are in the form of AI, ML, or low-code development or customization, Acumatica has worked hard to add more features. Here are just some of the platform enhancements coming to Acumatica:

  • Leverage AI and ML to create AP documents automatically
  • Modify workflows visually using our sophisticated visual state automation engine
  • Unify notification workflows using our powerful business events engine
  • Track real-time data changes with unified notifications using business events
  • Utilize OData 4.0 to securely access data without creating generic inquiries
  • Respond easily to standard dialog questions in Acumatica from your mobile device with mobile dialog box support

The Right Platform from the Right Partner: Acumatica and MIBAR

Functionality only matters if you have the right partner to put it into place. At MIBAR, we’ve been doing this for years, and know just what goes into a successful implementation. With nearly three decades of experience, we have worked to configure solutions like Acumatica and put them into place. Get to know more about us and contact us for a free consultation.

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