Duct tape has been used as a quick fix by everyone from the average homeowner to the military to NASA as a quick fix for nearly anything. Why? Because it works. But there’s a difference between something that exists as a quick fix and something that is meant to last.

It’s likely that you had to make a few quick decisions in the past few months to keep your employees connected to your business. But it pays to ask whether these were just quick fixes held together with duct tape or if they were built to last.

Was Your Lockdown Mobility Plan Held Together with Duct Tape?

Maybe you brought in someone to give employees limited access to software. Maybe you dropped tens of thousands of dollars to furnish them with secure laptops built to work around your on-premises software. Maybe you just turned to email to do something that would normally take place at the office.

Any way you look at it, these are all examples of “mobility duct tape.” Why? Because a) these practices were used to help you stay connected during unprecedented times, b) they’re not a permanent solution, and c) there’s no replacement for the real thing.

Did duct tape save the lives of NASA astronauts aboard Apollo 13? Yes. Was it an ideal solution? No.

Did your valiant attempts to keep your employees connected work? To an extent. Did you run into challenges operating as usually? Probably. Is it a permanent fix? Not at all.

Why Now is the Time to Embrace True Cloud Mobility

Duct tape can get you where you’re going in a pinch. But if you keep using it for an extended period of time, it’s going to start to break down. The same goes for your attempts to keep your workforce mobile. What happens when half the office is back at work and the other half is at home? Will both sides be on the same page? What happens if an employee returns his or her company-issued laptop but then has to work from home?

Legacy software was built for an earlier time—long before the COVID-19 outbreak, long before the rise of the smartphone, some even before the dawn of the internet. It’s a real challenge that’s driving many companies to replace their legacy ERP systems with cloud-based solutions. Rather than delivering yesterday’s technology with a hint of internet access, true cloud solutions were built to be future-proof, delivering real-time access anytime and anywhere—from any device.

As you return to work, it’s time to ask yourself about the decisions you had made in the past couple months. Which were tactical, temporary fixes and which are going to provide your business long-term value?

Get Mobile with Business Management Tools from MIBAR

Transforming your workplace into a truly mobile-friendly environment is a journey. Though you may have kept your business together throughout the pandemic, a true mobile journey not only takes time, once you implement it, you find out that it’s built to last.

At MIBAR, we’re not only experts in the realm of business-changing technology, we know how to give you the mobility you need. That’s why we enable all of our cloud and on-premise solutions for truly connected remote and mobile access, so that whether you’re on a mobile device, or tablet, working from home or sitting in an airport – you’ll always get 24/7 access and the same experience using products, services, and information you need.

You can’t afford to wait. Learn about how we empower your business and its end users by downloading our whitepaper on the reasons replacing legacy systems with cloud solutions is mission critical and registering for our upcoming webinar on the steps you need to take on the road to recovery.