Working with a Solution Consultant to evaluate and implement NetSuite

As you navigate through your evaluation of the NetSuite platform, an important consideration to keep in mind is the decision to work with a NetSuite Solutions Consultant, or “partner”. Some NetSuite customers might discover, evaluate, and implement the application without ever uncovering the NetSuite Partner ecosystem; instead, they purchase the software from NetSuite directly, and work with NetSuite’s corporate implementation team to configure their environment. Unfortunately, these customers are missing the opportunity to personalize the implementation experience to fit their particular business requirements and objectives.

Why Partner?

At a certain point in your evaluation of the NetSuite platform, you are going to need to reach out to either NetSuite directly, or to an implementation partner, in order to get a demonstration of the product and see if it is capable of meeting your business’ specific goals within your budget and timeframe.

NetSuite’s direct sales team and implementation team do not have any inherent advantage over any partner in terms of special pricing or application expertise. In other words, NetSuite’s “direct” sales and implementation team is just a very large partner, with its own selling tactics, its own implementation methodology, and its own domain expertise.

The differences amongst all of NetSuite’s partners are vast. Some are start-up teams that are new to the implementation business but only work with NetSuite; others are large consulting firms, who work primarily with enterprise level (1000+ users) clients; still others are virtual, working primarily through teleconferencing and web meetings. Each partner brings its own flavor to the implementation process, and each has an enormous impact on the ultimate success of your project.


Our goal is to help you better capitalize on your investment in the NetSuite application.

MIBAR Consultants work side-by-side and face-to-face with you and your staff, in order for us to uncover your technological vision and develop a plan for actualizing it.  We offer the power of choice. Whereas an implementation with NetSuite’s direct team is primarily virtual, with a significant burden left to the customer to understand the application, MIBAR offers both virtual and on-site services. With MIBAR’s methodology, we mark up the whiteboards, throw the application up on a big screen, and walk you through the processes, customization tools, and reporting options that you envision implementing in your business. We strive to analyze the requirements up-front, to anticipate and plan for project risks, to set forth an execution plan to effectively bring together all of the stakeholders in an implementation project. Our goal is not just to implement; it is to enable you, to empower you, to provide you with a thorough understanding of the tools you use to manage your business, and we do it best when we can work alongside you.

In addition to our implementation methodology, we provide you with superior domain and technical expertise for implementing accounting, inventory management, CRM, and eCommerce systems – specifically in a distribution, manufacturing, or services capacity. We implement NetSuite using best practices we have developed through studying modern business processes and data requirements, evolving our twenty-plus years of technical expertise and curating our training resources. Our goal is to provide you with an application that oversees your business processes, provides your team with the metrics required to make intelligent, relevant, informed decisions, and impart our knowledge of the application and our industry exposure to you and your team so you can better build your business’ capabilities.

Finally, MIBAR’s consulting team provides a grounded, stable, and sustained relationship with our clients. We strive not only to provide excellent recommendations that meet the requirements of today, but that also consider the challenges that your business might face in the near-future. Our goal is to build with you a long-term partnership, focused on providing you with a holistic perspective that is ever mindful of both the short-term struggles, and the long-term challenges, that your business may face.

Thank you for taking the time to consider as your partner to assist you through the evaluation of the NetSuite application. We look forward to guiding you, and we hope that we may share the opportunity to do business. Get started by scheduling your free NetSuite demo

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