For many companies seeking out ERP software, decision makers are less concerned about the size and more about the quality. 2020 has been a challenge, and with tight budgets, companies need to get the most value out of their projects—failure is not an option. While yes, finding a partner who is big enough to match your company is important, it’s probably better to ask whether they are good at what they do.

This is why companies rightfully place priority on VARs who can innovate, demonstrate leadership, and deliver high-quality work. But few lists put quality resellers on the map. This is where the VAR Stars Report comes in. Written each year by ERP Global Insights leader Bob Scott, the VAR Star Report highlights the best and the brightest resellers in the ERP space.

VAR Stars: The Go-To Guide for Companies Seeking High-Quality ERP Implementation Partners

Rather than ranking VARs by size like the Accounting Today Top 100 VARs and ERP Global Insights VAR 100, the VAR Star list answers a question that matters most to clients—is the VAR good?

Defining VAR Stars: What Makes a VAR Star?

What does it mean to be a VAR Star? According to the report:

“The selection of mid-market accounting software resellers for Bob Scott’s VAR Stars rest on one basic principal: quality, not revenue, as the deciding factor in picking the 100 businesses that are selected for this honor […]

A variety of criteria go into the definition of quality including awards resellers have received from vendors, […] leadership in the industry and development and acceptance of important software products by the resellers are all factors in the selection.”

Essentially, the report asks whether or not a VAR delivered for its clients and vendors, and we are proud to announce that once again, we did.

MIBAR: Your True Cloud VAR Star Headquartered in NYC

For our clients and potential clients in New York City, you already know that you don’t have to go far to get what you need in this city. Out of the hundred companies listed, however, few can make the claim that this city is their true home. One of these is MIBAR.

We’re proud to see ourselves on the list of VAR Stars once again, and are happy to recognize the contributions of our team for their work in keeping us ahead of others.

The MIBAR team has a skillset and history of success for clients who need Dynamics Business CentralAcumatica, or NetSuite, as well as a broad variety of solutions designed to make these products even better. Get to know more about us and contact us for a free consultation.