Power BI is a cloud hosted enterprise business intelligence platform designed to analyze and visualize data. Power BI is an immensely popular BI solution with a low barrier to entry, but it has gained a ton of steam in recent months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

You likely have seen Power BI before

The Microsoft Power BI team has released a COVID-19 tracking sample that has enabled governments to customize and publish interactive reports pertaining to the pandemic.  Many local governments are using this to convey accurate and up to date data to their community which you may already be familiar with but not realize its being published through Power BI.

Additionally, there are many people within the Power BI community who have published their own customized dashboards to the Microsoft COVID-19 Data Stories Gallery.

Power BI and your business

Now that you are familiar with the Power BI platform, it can be leveraged in many other powerful ways since it is easily connectible to your own business data. Learn more at https://www.mibar.net/solutions/power-bi/