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work smarter, grow faster provides ERP & CRM software programs and consulting services to help your business
improve decision making, build stronger customer relationships, and go mobile.

Improve Decision Making

ERP Solutions & Implementation Services

You make decisions that impact your business everyday, and sometimes the right choice isn’t clear because your business intelligence is trapped inside pesky spreadsheets and littered across multiple departments. But with the right ERP implementation, you can gain a 360-degree view of your entire business. From orders, fulfillment, tracking and shipping, to marketing, sales, accounting and e-commerce, gives you the tools and technologies to automate workflow and empower smart decision-making.

Order Management

Control inventory allocations, and never miss a shipping date again.

Procurement & Demand Planning

Maintain inventory levels, and quickly forecast reordering needs.

Financial Management

Access timely financial reports that impact the bottom line.

Workflow Controls

Eliminate bottlenecks, automate alerts and work more efficiently.

Executive Dashboards

View business performance metrics, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

E-Commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your e-Commerce systems.


NetSuite Acumatica Microsoft Dynamics GP Power BI

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

With a CRM Implementation from MIBAR

Your relationships with prospects, customers, vendors and partners are the heart of your business, but managing them across business systems can often be a messy job. But when you properly implement a CRM solution, maintaining strong relationships across your entire organization and integrating with other critical business data (like ERP) should be fairly easy. From prospects and customers, to vendors and partners, gives you the tools and technologies needed to provide streamlined and personalized attention to everyone you contact. Plus, we make integration with your stand-alone ERP system a cinch.

Salesforce Automation

Gain better visibility into your sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation

Automate email marketing, social listening and other digital channels.

Service Management

Track customer services cases, assign staff and manage resources with ease.

Executive Dashboards

View business performance metrics, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Workflow Controls

Eliminate bottlenecks, automate alerts and work more efficiently.


Manage any type of structured relationship, beyond just people.


NetSuite Acumatica

Go Mobile

With Business On-the-Go Technologies from MIBAR

When you need real-time data to make a critical business decisions, you’re not always sitting at your desk. That’s why we enable all of our cloud and on-premise solutions for remote and mobile access, giving you fast, secure and reliable business data from anywhere in the world. So whether you’re on a mobile device, or tablet, working from home or sitting in an airport – you’ll always get 24/7 access to your business systems, including ERP and CRM.

Sales Order Management

Empower your salesforce to complete orders on the road.

Field Services

Empower your field workers to log time, complete tasks, and capture customer data from their work site.

Business Intelligence

Access critical business data, like KPIs and dashboard metrics, from your mobile phone.

Salesforce Automation

Gain better visibility into your sales and marketing efforts while on-the-go.

Warehouse Management

Monitor automated picking, packing and shipment processing from mobile devices.

Office Productivity

Manage your contacts, appointments, tasks and to-do's wherever you go.

Data on the Go is Available ON-premise or In the Cloud

Secure Your Business Data

With Network and Infrastructure Management Services from MIBAR

The world can be a dangerous place, which means your business data is always at risk. But when you implement a networking infrastructure management system and reliable strategy, you can easily prevent lost or corrupted data. engineers, installs and configures Microsoft operating systems and database solutions that ensure optimal efficiency and protection across the core infrastructure of your business. From natural disasters, to cyber attacks, we provide the tools and technologies required to keep your network performing, while always protecting against harmful intruders.

Topology Assessment

Analyze your current infrastructure and create a plan to improve.

Remote Network Monitoring

Assess, maintain and monitor event logs, disk space, performance, services, warranties, updates/patches and more.

Network Protection

Secure your network from harmful intruders, and maintain optimal efficiency with frequent updates and latest patches.

Server Virtualization/High Availability

Systems designed for the highest possible scalability and uptime.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery plans to ensure you are prepared when the unthinkable happens. Minimize business disruption due to lost time and data.  

Mobile Device Management

Manage what BYOD’s are allowed on your network and what they have access to.

vCIO Services

IT forecasting, project planning, and budgeting. Develop a roadmap, and align technology to meet business strategy.

Asset Management

Monitoring inventory, product lifecycles and hardware/software licenses.

Cloud Strategy

Transition to secure, reliable, cloud hosted messaging platforms and business applications like Exchange Online, Office 365, Microsoft CRM and NetSuite.



Architect an Effective Cloud Strategy

With Cloud Services from MIBAR

Cloud technologies are gaining popularity because they offer a cost-effective alternative to hosting business software. But storing your business data on an external server can expose your business to a new world of unnecessary risks. That's why it's important to architect an effective strategy that ensures safety, security and efficiency. So whether you are implementing a new CRM system, or just need help moving over some email, can safely introduce new cloud technologies into your organization and teach you how to use them effectively.

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