ERP Integration Services

Enterprise resource planning software is built to break down silos, minimize redundant data entry, and speed up your business, but it’s not a magic bullet. While such a solution will improve your business by centralizing data and making collaboration easy, there are many situations where it doesn’t offer everything you need.

Connect Your Business: ERP Integration Services

Whether it’s an industry-specific solution that your business can’t operate without, a CRM product that your sales team refuses to give up, or a point solution that works better for your company, it’s likely that your ERP product can’t provide 100% of what you need.

Luckily, today’s ERP software is built to play well with other solutions, relying on application programming interfaces (APIs), web services, and other tools that allow your solution to connect with the software you want to or already use.

At MIBAR, we specialize in connecting the ERP solutions we implement with the products you use.

Benefits of Integrating ERP with Business Management Applications

From setting up Power BI to bring together data from a variety of sources to connecting your ERP with a CRM solution to designing workflows with industry-specific applications or point solutions like procure-to-pay or spend management, we know our ERP solutions inside and out and have the skills to make connections. Among the key benefits of integration:

Automate laborious, inaccurate, and time-consuming manual processes

Provide your team with more freedom to focus on business growth


Enhance visibility by expanding the reach of your ERP

Improve business decisions with real-time information from more sources


Minimize business risk by ensuring you have the right information

Reduce costs and increase return on investment by cutting out waste

Examples of ERP Integration Success

No matter what you need to connect, it’s likely we’ve helped a business like yours to make the most out of their ERP decision with tight integration. Examples of the work we’ve done:

  • Combined historical data in Excel with NetSuite financial data to create custom dashboards for a national retailer.
  • Rapidly and efficiently implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP, providing tight integration with EDI
  • Provided a flexible and scalable solution for a food and beverage distributor that provided greater insight into inventory, allowing for simple lot tracking, HACCP, and country of origin labeling requirements
  • Integrated Dynamics GP with Dynamics CRM and the Resco CRM add-on to cut a 6-hour process down to 30 minutes.
  • Delivered a connected solution for an ecommerce brand’s NetSuite solution allowing them to track royalties, simplify production, and handle raw materials ordering.

View more case studies here.

ERP Integration Services from MIBAR

Integration lets you do more with less, see the bigger picture, and realize the true value that was promised when you elected to upgrade your ERP solution. At MIBAR, we’ve been in this business for nearly three decades and we have helped companies just like yours to discover, implement, operate, and connect essential business software. Get to know more about our work, read customer testimonials, and contact us for a free consultation.