How We Work: Traditional Customer Led Methodology

While nothing about an ERP, CRM, or BI implementation is easy, the right partner can make an implementation project feel that way. At MIBAR, we’ve been in this business for nearly three decades and understand the challenges companies face when going from selection to installation to ongoing use and during this time, we have refined our methods to reduce risk and increase success rates.

Whether you need the software deployed as quickly as possible, you need a personal touch and in-depth training, or need a product-specific deployment methodology, we know how to help, and can tailor one of our plans to meet your needs.

The Traditional Customer Led Method

Even for the most modern solutions, historically proven implementation methods are often the most effective. The traditional method was developed in the 80s as a way to tackle complex implementation projects with minimal risk. From planning to support, this method is a customer-led procedure that requires less vendor support throughout the implementation, but still features the planning, design, and configuration support needed to succeed.

Who It’s For

As this is a more customer-driven methodology, this process is often reserved for teams with the resources and experience to make it happen, as the customer takes responsibility for the overall success of the project with support from consultants.

The Process of the Traditional Method

Featuring six key steps—planning, education, design, simulation/piloting, cutover, and go-live support—this customer driven implementation helps customers understand and become self-sufficient in the operation of the product.


The planning process is one that brings together the project managers from the customer and vendor to form an ERP implementation team that will work together closely throughout the project. The planning process establishes the entire pace and focus of implementation and will direct the project.


Bringing together the vendor consultants and the implementation team, the education process is often the most important part of the traditional methodology. As this traditional method is more customer-centric than alternative methodologies, the customer needs to be self-sufficient, well educated, and ready to go. At MIBAR, we understand this and take the education process seriously, working to provide the training and education that you, your users, and your implementation team need to proceed confidently.

Design and Configuration

Working closely with the implementation team, the design and configuration process is the first major part in ensuring self-sufficiency for the client. In this process, we will work closely to support the implementation team, but will leave much of the work to said implementation team as they design, configure, and set up the new system, processes, and workflows.

Simulation and Piloting

Before the official go-live, the implementation team and the consultant will conduct a series of conference room pilots to train key users and prepare for the ultimate go live. Throughout the process, people will slowly learn more and more about the procedures and processes, supported by the consultants, until they have a complete understanding of what’s needed to operate the software.

Crossover Activities

With key users and leaders on board and ready, the next step is the cutover process. During this time, the implementation team plans the cutover and trains end users with vendor and consultant support.

Go-Live Support

The final and ongoing part of this methodology is the go-live support. During this phase of an implementation, the implementation team finalizes the end user training, offering real-time support throughout the activities. Throughout the first month, vendor consultants stick around to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and provide rapid resolution.


A successful implementation project doesn’t happen by accident. At MIBAR, we have perfected the art of the implementation and know the work that needs to be done. For nearly three decades, we have helped companies in New York and throughout the Northeast to find, select, implement, and operate ERP, CRM, BI, and mobile solutions, getting the job done with less risk and more success.

The traditional methodology is just one of the many different implementation mentalities we take in order to ensure success. Learn more about other options including turnkey implementation and product-specific implementations such as SuiteSuccess for NetSuite and Microsoft SureStep by clicking on the links, and if you’re ready to learn more, contact us for a free consultation.

“By the time I met, I was trying to run my business with 3 disconnected systems and lots of spreadsheets which meant; redundant processes, too many errors and even more hard work. It was draining me and my profitability. In less than 120 days, MIBAR was able to consolidate my order management, CRM, inventory and financial systems, into a unified platform, which now includes embedded B2B/B2C e-com and marketing. Just amazing ! Thank you MIBAR, your team was great and got the job done.”
Frank Riggio

CEO, Joseph Grace Brands

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