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Nothing about an implementation project is easy. Sure, companies like MIBAR know how to make it look easy, but any implementation project consists of many moving parts that have to work at the right time in order for a project to be considered a success. At MIBAR, we know this as well as any other implementation partner, and have spent nearly three decades tailoring and improving our processes to provide minimal risk and maximum satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for a hands-on partner, a customer driven project, or an implementation in accordance with specific brand standards and guidelines, we have developed an implementation process that works and one that we trust for our clients.

Microsoft SureStep

For our Microsoft solutions, we employ the Microsoft SureStep implementation methodology to improve success rates when implementing, optimizing, and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics solutions. The Microsoft SureStep implementation methodology is a proven system that breaks down a software project into the individual steps of diagnosis, analysis, design, development and testing, implementation and commissioning.

The Many Implementation Varieties of the SureStep Process

As you work with MIBAR to decide, implement, and operate your Dynamics solution, there are many different solution delivery models that may work for you:

  • Standard: This lean approach works for instances in which you need to implement Dynamics at a single site.
  • Rapid: When you need software yesterday, we can help you get the job done. This accelerated approach gets you a new Dynamics solution with minimal customization so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Enterprise: For complex products, this approach follows a standard protocol and can handle complex single-site implementations or scale to work for global players in need of a Dynamics solution.
  • Agile: This iterative approach takes an iterative approach for a single site and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of moderate-to-complex implementations. Rather than the waterfall approach used by the first three delivery methods, the Agile approach uses the Sprint cycle approach to get the job done.
  • Upgrade: Used only when a customer needs to move to a new iteration, release, or content pack, the upgrade project begins with a technical upgrade that can provide the deployment of an upgraded project. From here, any new functionality can be deployed using the rapid, standard, or enterprise deployment methods.

Six Steps of the SureStep Process

Designed to facilitate on-time and on-budget project completion, this process reduces risks, meeting or even exceeding expectations set by customers like you. The six-step SureStep process incorporates the following framework as we work with you to diagnose, analyze, design, develop, implement, and commission your Dynamics product.


Designed to help the customer understand their options when considering a Microsoft Dynamics Solution, the diagnosis phase looks at the requirements, potential fit, current and proposed architecture, and business case, developing a proof of concept for the customer before beginning the proposal and the rest of the five-step approach.

The diagnosis process helps us to help you by establishing a rapport and understanding of your business needs so that we can tailor a solution that works for you.


After the initial diagnosis, the analysis process takes into consideration business needs in order to finalize the planning process. For standard, agile, rapid and upgrade projects, this process includes the finalization and approval of the project charter and plan, the project kickoff meeting, documentation of functional requirements, and the documentation of the Fit Gap Analysis.

Enterprise implementations go one step further, incorporating executive kickoff meetings, change management discussions, documentation of functional and non-functional requirements, business process modeling, and architecture assessments.


Following the analysis, your implementation partner will work with you to design the project and customize the product. This process defines how business requirements will be implemented, features a configuration process that works to satisfy customization needs identified earlier, and works to find and create integration points.


As the implementation project begins to take off, the development phase builds and tests the components approved in the design phase, provides the deliverables, and finalizes the design specifications.


Once the background work is complete, the customizations and integrations set up, and the deliverables in place, the deployment phase is the culmination of the work completed prior. At this step, your project will begin the official transition to your new Microsoft Dynamics solution. The Deployment Phase can feature everything from end user training to a go-live checklist, and ultimately is the final step leading up to the successful operation of your product.


With the job done and the product deployed, our work still isn’t done. At this point, we will work with your team to provide ongoing support and troubleshooting in the event that any issue arises.

MIBAR Stands by Microsoft SureStep

At MIBAR, we know what works in order for an implementation project to happen without a hitch, and this is one of the many reasons we stand by the SureStep implementation processes for our Dynamics customers. A successful implementation project doesn’t happen by accident. At MIBAR, we have perfected the art of the implementation and know the work that needs to be done. For nearly three decades, we have helped companies in New York and throughout the Northeast to find, select, implement, and operate ERP, CRM, BI, and mobile solutions, getting the job done with less risk and more success.

Learn more about our work with Microsoft, our other implementation processes, and get in contact with us for a free consultation.

“From the onset of the project, MIBAR provided the guidance to help ensure that our project would be a success. The solution we chose was Microsoft Dynamics GP along with SalesPad Desktop to handle our processing needs. The MIBAR project management process provided the proper level of management and coordination that a project with multiple partners required. The MIBAR team was able to laisse between the Salespad and James Duva teams to provide timely and thoughtful solutions to any issue or obstacle we faced regardless of the source of the issue. The MIBAR team was very easy to work with, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.”
Billy Walker

VP & GM, James Duva Inc.

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