Streamlining Shipments for Today’s Distributors, Retailers, and Manufacturers

This eBook identifies common shipping mistakes and highlights how to correct them all (hint: it involves implementing the right cloud ERP software that can seamlessly integrate with crucial shipping systems).

The shipping challenges and economic uncertainty of the last few years have put distributors, retailers, and manufacturers through the proverbial wringer. For companies hanging on to entry-level accounting or aging ERP applications that are unable to integrate their order management and fulfillment processes with their shipping software, it’s been even worse. So, what’s the answer? A modern ERP platform with connected carrier systems, like Acumatica.

Distributors, retailers, and manufacturers looking to take their businesses to the next level should download this free eBook. Here’s what they’ll get when they do:

  • A detailed look at the 6 common shipping mistakes.
  • Explanations of each industry’s specific shipping processes and business requirements and the challenges they’re facing.
  • A review of the many benefits of shipping automation.
  • A consolidated ERP feature checklist for distributors, retailers, and manufacturers wanting to compare Acumatica with other ERP options.

Download the eBook now:

Streamlining Shipments eBook