Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Management

Getting inventory into and out of your warehouse is important to any product-based business, but if you can’t control what happens between receiving an order and shipping it, you’re selling your business short.

Everything about this process needs to flow. Putting items away, moving items inside or between warehouses, and picking items for assembly, production, or shipment, every facet of the process leaves room for improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was built to handle the warehouse management needs of the modern organization, making put-aways and picks as easy as possible. Designed for mobility and designed for the cloud, warehouse functionality in Business Central can be implemented in different complexity levels, depending on a company’s processes and order volume.

What Warehouse Management in Business Central Does for Your Business

Your business, your customers, your suppliers, and your products are unique. As a leading provider of Microsoft products, the MIBAR team has the experience and skills to customize this scalable solution for you. With Business Central Warehouse Management, you can:

  • Run Your Warehousing Efficiently: Get a holistic view of inventory for efficient order fulfillment. Track every item transaction and movement by setting up bins based on warehouse layout and storage unit dimensions.
  • Get from Receipt to Bin with Ease (or Avoid It Altogether If Necessary): Business Central Warehouse Management makes it simple to get from the receiving bay to the right place—whether that’s a bin or right to the shipping department.
  • Facilitate Warehouse Transfers: Keep your inventory as close as you can to the customers who need it most. Easily plan and track item transfers between warehouses. Track inventory as it’s moved from one location to another and account for the value of inventory in transit at various locations.
  • Find Inventory and Prepare It for Shipping: Quickly and easily record the shipment of items from warehouse locations, either with a sales order only, in simple location setups, or with a warehouse shipment, in case of semi or fully automated warehouse processes at the location.

Discover Business Central

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehouse Management Features



Business Central makes it easy to input your new inventory into the system, so you have an accurate count of the items you have.


Easily build pick lists complete with all items that are needed for the customer.

Integration with Supply Chain Management

Business Central connects supply chain and warehouse management, allowing you to get from sales order to shipment with ease.

Get to Know Business Central

Business Central delivers the speed, functionality, and control that today’s business needs to thrive. Built in the cloud and incredibly affordable for the growing business, more and more companies are choosing this produce every day.

MIBAR has been a leader in customizing, implementing, and delivering Microsoft ERP products for the better part of our 25-plus year history and have spent more than 15 years leading the way as a Gold Certified Microsoft Consulting and Implementation Partner. Pair this with our extensive skills in helping clients make the most of their cloud journey, and we are well-equipped to help our customers implement and operate their Dynamics 365 Business Central product.