Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing

If your business is built on transforming raw materials into goods used by your customers, you already know that the job is hard enough when everything goes right. For growing manufacturers, however, undersized and outdated tools often stand in the way. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was built to give manufacturers the control and visibility they need, helping them to track every facet of their business.

Built in the cloud to combine the familiarity of Dynamics NAV with the anytime, anywhere access that growing businesses need, Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing Management connects with the Business Central suite to deliver the capabilities your people need to make better decisions.

What Manufacturing Management in Business Central Does for Your Business

Even if the manufacturing processes are similar to your competitors, your business is unique. As a leading provider of Microsoft products and a company who has helped product-based businesses for years, the MIBAR team has the experience and skills to customize this scalable solution for you.

With Manufacturing Management in Business Central, your business can:

  • Take Control of the Shop Floor: Easily set up processes, track capacity and shop floor hours, and connect your business to make the manufacturing process easier than ever.
  • Simplify Workflows and Routings: Track and control processes from beginning to end with integrated routing management. Combine process scheduling, capacity scheduling, scheduled assignment of material needs, and manufacturing documents to facilitate item creation.
  • Easily Track Units of Measure: Tracking an item stocked in one unit of measure but produced in another is a challenge, but Microsoft makes it easy to convert in bills of materials.
  • Get from Order to Production with Ease: With easy to use production management functionality, you can get from planning to booking to producing to shipping with ease. This familiar and easy to use product makes production management easy for users.

Discover Business Central

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Manufacturing Management Functionality

Premium licensing empowers you and your organization with manufacturing capabilities. With this, you get the following functionality and more:

Demand forecasting

With demand forecasting, you can plan and create production and purchase orders, taking into consideration the demand forecast together with the level of available inventory and parameters of requirement planning.

Basic supply planning

Basic supply planning allows you to plan for material requirements based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning.

Production Orders

After demand has been planned for and the materials have been issued according to production BOMs, then the actual production operations can start and be run in the sequence that the production order routing has defined. Production orders are used to manage the conversion of purchased materials into manufactured items. Production orders route work through various work or machine centers on the shop floor.

Subcontract Manufacturing

Subcontracting selected operations to vendor is common in many manufacturing companies. Subcontracting can be a rare occurrence or can be an integral part of all production processes. Business Central makes the subcontract manufacturing process easy, providing subcontract work centers with assigned vendors, easy purchase order creation when working with subcontractors, and more.

Version management

Version management allows you to create and manage different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings.

Agile manufacturing

With agile manufacturing, you can plan rush hours, make exceptions, and handle last-minute changes to your processes with multiple planning options.

Get to Know Business Central

Business Central delivers the speed, functionality, and control that today’s business needs to thrive. Built in the cloud and incredibly affordable for the growing business, more and more companies are choosing this produce every day.

MIBAR has been a leader in customizing, implementing, and delivering Microsoft ERP products for the better part of our 25-plus year history and have spent more than 15 years leading the way as a Gold Certified Microsoft Consulting and Implementation Partner. Pair this with our extensive skills in helping clients make the most of their cloud journey, and we are well-equipped to help our customers implement and operate their Dynamics 365 Business Central product.

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