Technology Solutions for Marketing & Sales Teams

As the leader of the sales and marketing teams, you know that keeping everyone on the same page is not just a goal but a priority. Your team’s success depends on the ability to have everyone “in the know” so that you can increase revenue and make the most of the time and talent you have available. At MIBAR, we know that leading sales and marketing efforts presents a wide range of challenges, but there are few things more rewarding than seeing the direct impact that efforts have on the bottom line.

To make this happen, you need to see what’s going on at all times—what efforts are successful, which customers are profitable, and which products are selling—making constant changes to drive revenue higher and costs lower. That’s why we offer the technology you need to take control of your efforts and grow your revenue.

Enterprise Resource Planning for CMOs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software has been around for decades, but today’s ERP has a broader impact on the entire organization—sales and marketing included. Today’s ERP options are designed to integrate with a wide variety of applications, giving you the insights you need and providing a complete view of your customer and organization.

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Business Intelligence for CMOs

As a sales leader, you can’t wait days for someone to run the numbers, you need the information right at your fingertips. You want the information you need presented in a format for you and fellow stakeholders to make decisions about your business or react to competitive market challenges. Business Intelligence solutions provide all of this and more—giving you deeper insight into not only what the numbers are but how they got there.

Whether you leverage BI tools available within Acumatica, NetSuite, or Dynamics, or opt for the standalone Power BI platform, you can trust MIBAR to implement the software and train the team so that you can slice and dice the numbers how you see fit.

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Customer Relationship Management for CMOs

A quality sales team is only as versatile as the CRM that powers it. You can have the most adept sales and marketing people, but if they don’t have the right information about the customer, goals, or needs, they aren’t able to achieve their potential. At MIBAR, we understand that the right CRM system is one that connects the organization and provides the right information at the right time, and gives you a complete picture of your customer.

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“MIBAR played an instrumental role in helping us navigate the CRM waters. Whether they were migrating our data from an old legacy system or creating a Dynamics 365 operating environment aligned with our expectations, the MIBAR team was attentive and available, understanding what we needed and how to get us there. Recently they modified our system to meet our new expectations of how Dynamics 365 should perform. You could not ask for better partners and Derek at MIBAR has been leading the charge for us making sure that we are comfortable with our CRM setup and he takes the time to answer questions that we have and tackles head-on issues that we face. You could not have a better partner for your Dynamics 365 setup than MIBAR.”

Eric Toro

Marketing Specialist, Dexmet Corporation

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