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Executive Summary

Trebor, Inc. is the world’s largest independent marketer of parent rolls of tissue, towel and napkin. Their expertise in the complex technical and operational dynamics of the international pulp market—across the supply chain—makes them an invaluable resource to customers around the globe. Their commitment to maintaining a highly customized IT environment ensures they provide their customers and partners with maximum service, delivery, and reliability.

Prioritizing Communications

Like nearly every organization operating in the 21st century, Trebor relies on email communications to keep employees connected to each other, to partners, and to customers. When the company’s on-premises Microsoft Exchange 2010 messaging platform started to show its limitations, their internal IT team had to consider a new approach to administering email and messaging communications. Their Exchange software was running on hardware that would soon be outdated and out of support—and purchasing new hardware, software, and licensing would be exorbitantly expensive and time-consuming, as would keeping up with its storage and maintenance requirements.

Trebor recognized the importance of providing employees and other stakeholders with the communications technology they need to remain both productive and effective; at the same time, they didn’t want to continue investing heavily in an on-premise solution when more affordable and scalable cloud-based alternatives were available in the Microsoft universe. They made the decision to engage MIBAR in moving email from their Exchange Server to the Microsoft cloud.

The Office 365 Solution

MIBAR worked with Trebor’s IT team to migrate their messaging platform to Microsoft Office 365, which provides highly available email services that are both extremely cost effective and secure. Not only did Trebor avoid having to purchase the new hardware and licensing, monitoring, and maintenance services associated with an on-premise solution, but their cloud-based software provides more security in terms of vulnerability and filtering. Additionally, their IT team benefits from additional time to work on other projects: they’re no longer tasked with maintaining a complex on-site Microsoft Exchange environment.

The transition has been a seamless experience for the end users around the world. It has given them the ability to work smarter and collaborate better as a team and with customers, whether they’re working in the office our on-the-go. What’s more, thanks to their partnership with MIBAR, Trebor’s employees will soon begin to utilize One Drive for file storage rather than using Email as a filing storage system. They’ll also implement Skype for Business to even better improve communication channels via instant messaging and meetings.

“As the world’s largest independent marketer of parent rolls of tissue, towel and napkin, Trebor, Inc. provides its clients with superior professionalism in our field. For nearly 20 years Trebor, Inc. has relied on that same professionalism from for computer systems and technical support. With unique business requirements MIBAR has been pivotal in accomplishing excellent technological growth for us in our industry.”
William Dughi

Trebor, Inc, Systems Administrator

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