Peanut Butter & Co.


Wholesale Distribution



Customer Size

10-100 Employees

Executive Summary

Transforming a business from a boutique retail establishment to a world class manufacturer and distributor of gourmet peanut butter to thousands of customers worldwide is no easy task. Expanding operations while maintaining head count and controlling costs required capabilities that Quick Books just could not provide. PB & Co recognized that they needed a new solution that was easy to implement and use, but also had robust capabilities that could help them tie together their entire supply chain, finance, sales and business intelligence in one unified system; eliminating Silos of data and inefficient processes.

For PB & Co, not having an unlimited budget meant that they needed to execute this vision with a partner that understood the landscape, had a proven track record and deep industry experience. Having had automation challenges in the past, they had one shot to get it right and could not afford any miss-steps. They found this and more in MIBAR. After having undergone a thorough evaluation of their requirements, MIBAR, a reseller that offers multiple solutions, recommended NetSuite as the right solution to fit their needs.

With NetSuite PB & Co enjoys unprecedented and timely access to information across their entire business. A single unified “version of the truth” that enables all roles and users to be on the same page at the same time. Whether that’s the in house finance and operations teams, buyers, sales reps & brokers, 3pl and logistics providers and co-packers – can all now share up to date and accurate information.

For Operations and Supply Chain Managers

This means having access to inventory, demand and replenishment data to help drive more efficient purchasing, order allocations, fulfillment planning and movement of goods between co-packers and logistics partners. With integrated EDI, order flow is fast and unimpeded delivering timely data to purchasing so that the supply chain runs smooth. With automated BOL generation and a fully integrated rate shopping solution, PB & co is executing faster and saving money on transportation and logistics costs.

For Finance Managers

This means having systems that are world class and flexible enough to effectively do business with top supermarkets, specialty food shops, natural food stores and global e commerce e-tailers. Specifically, MIBAR has implemented a system that enables PB & Co. to better track revenue, discounts & allowances, chargebacks and commissions without the extensive manual workarounds and off-line record keeping that had been the norm with their previous systems.

For Owners and Executives

Often times it is these key decision makers that have the least access to real time information. Thanks to NetSuite and its rich interactive assortment of KPI’s and metrics delivered via configurable dashboards and a mobile interface, the executive team at PB & Co. now have all of the data they need up to the moment anytime, anywhere. Plus with additional design services by MIBAR, data that was formerly cobbled together through various off-line spreadsheets are effortlessly delivered.

While it’s never easy implementing a system, MIBAR and PB & Co. have enjoyed a relationship that enabled them to work through the challenges and get things running smoothly.

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