Joseph Grace Brands


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Customer Size

10-100 Employees

Executive Summary

Joseph Grace Brands (JGB) is a leading distributor of beer, wine and liquor accessories, including the Rabbit Corkscrew. Driven by the success of the Rabbit, JGB experienced tremendous growth that their disparate systems, which included Goldmine CRM, Sage for Accounting, and a custom ERP solution to manage their invoicing, simply could not keep up with. In the face of operational inefficiencies caused by maintaining three sets of data, as well an evolution that took them from a pure B2B world, to a more omnichannel approach that included direct to consumer strategy through the web, JGB needed a unified, cloud solution that would enable them to react quickly to this changing landscape.


Managing multiple, disparate systems started to take its toll on JGB. With increasing transaction volumes, the JGB struggled to keep up with the pace of their customer demands. Not only did they suffer from the labor inefficiencies of physically switching between several systems throughout the day, their ability to deliver the stellar service they strived for was falling short – incorrect orders had increased, their ability to accurately respond to customers had decreased, and they had very little insight into their business. Furthermore, trying to maintain a fledgling ecommerce presence independent of their inventory and pricing systems, caused even more issues with incorrect pricing and backorders. Something had to change.


With the implementation support delivered by the MIBAR team, within 100 days, JGB was able to migrate and unify all of their Customer, Invoice, Vendor, Item and Inventory data across several systems and go live with a single, unified NetSuite system.

  • They implemented CRM to help them keep track of their customer contacts, but now, unified with their transactional data, their sales team had full customer purchase history right in front of them, enabling them to sell more efficiently and generate new upsell opportunities
  • This also affording their sales team with seamless visibility to live inventory data, all but eliminating situations where they sell out of stock items and only sell what is available
  • Leveraging NetSuite’s email marketing capabilities, as well as the unification to transactional data, for the first time, they were able to accurately and efficiently target and segment their customers based on past purchase history
  • With SiteBuilder, they were able to offer both their B2C and B2C customers a professional ecommerce experience, that enabled them to present their products with:
    • Real time inventory data
    • Dynamic, customer specific pricing
    • Furthermore, gone were the days of struggling to keep up with aligning inventory and pricing data between their accounting system and websitethey made the change once, and this was reflected throughout the system.
  • Taking advantage of NetSuite’s powerful document generation engine, JGB is now able to automatically email custom tailored Invoice to their customers, as well as provided automated shipping notifications
  • With NetSuite’s powerful financial reporting, the JGB no longer spends days aggregating financial data across their system in Excel and creating financial reports – all of this data is available to them within seconds and the click of a mouse
“By the time I met, I was trying to run my business with 3 disconnected systems and lots of spreadsheets which meant; redundant processes, too many errors and even more hard work. It was draining me and my profitability. In less than 120 days, MIBAR was able to consolidate my order management, CRM, inventory and financial systems, into a unified platform, which now includes embedded B2B/B2C e-com and marketing. Just amazing ! Thank you MIBAR, your team was great and got the job done.”
Frank Riggio

CEO, Joseph Grace Brands

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