How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution that Scales with Your Food and Beverage Business

For any food and beverage distributor that’s operating in today’s fast-paced, ecommerce oriented selling environment, inventory management is one area where “scale” truly counts. For example, a growing company may make any (or all) of these moves in an attempt to grow revenues and market share:

  • Expanding into new geographies (e.g., through acquisitions).
  • Overhauling its ecommerce approach to sell more online.
  • Taking on new product lines and supplier partners.
  • Creating stronger alignments with suppliers and/or customers.
  • Developing a “leaner” inventory approach (i.e., one that reduces inventory levels while minimizing stock-outs).
  • Finding new ways to drive costs out of the distribution process.

In this white paper, we explore how scalable technology helps food and beverage distributors solve their biggest pain points, show how to pick a solution that will scale up as distributors grow and hear how one company successfully transformed its inventory management approach with a scalable, cloud-based solution.

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