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Marketing Automation in Microsoft CRM (Dynamics 365)

Whether deployed in the cloud - or through the more traditional on-premise deployment - when implemented effectively and leveraged effectively, Microsoft Dynamics CRM in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and or Click Dimensions, can transform your marketing department from an inefficient, uncoordinated mess to a lead generating machine!

By providing your marketing department with the tools necessary to efficiently manage campaigns, keep track of marketing expenditures, automate marketing activities and leverage business intelligence data, you'll be able improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities and increase your ROI.

The following features will provide you with a top line overview of the benefits your organization can expect to gain when you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage your marketing:

Campaign Planning / Management

  • Create highly targeted marketing lists, so that you can deliver highly relevant and personalized messaging
  • Easily track campaign expenses, activities, and responses for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts
  • Automatically trigger campaign responses based on easy to define rules

Email and Web Analytics

  • Build visually stimulating email templates with drag and drop tools
  • Track opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes
  • View who is visiting your website, what they're doing when they get there, and understand why they convert

Lead Generation / Management

  • Easily track marketing effectiveness by automatically associating leads with campaign/marketing activities
  • Automatically assign and score leads based on a wide range of user defined rules
  • Out of the box web form and landing page integration help keep track of your web marketing efforts
  • Maintain visibility to your most important leads by leveraging personalized views and conditional formatting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness and ROI with out of the box marketing reports
  • Segment and identify your core prospects
  • Use visual marketing dashboards to monitor your campaigns/marketing activities in real time

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  To get a deeper understanding of what can bring to your marketing efforts with the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sign up for a free trial today - and get in touch with one of our CRM consultants to discuss your business objectives and how they relate to your CRM project.