Technology Guide for Food and Beverage Manufacturers Available

NEW YORK—November 6, 2019—A new Technology Guide for companies in food and beverage manufacturing Beverage Manufacturers is available from MIBAR, a leading provider of information technology and business software.

The guide, Signs Legacy ERP is Holding Your Food and Beverage Business Back, was written to introduce food and beverage companies to the current business technology landscape, discuss how it has evolved over the last decade, and explore the risks of relying on outdated technology in today’s fast-paced food and beverage market.

We’re excited to launch this new guide for our friends in the food and beverage industry,” said Bart Nachimow, CEO & Founder at MIBAR. “As a company who has specialized in delivering technology solutions for food and beverage clients for the past quarter century, we’ve seen the market change and have regularly watched companies sell themselves short by holding on to their legacy software for too long. We wrote this guide to help leaders at these organizations understand just how costly it could be to fall behind.

The educational guide will help leaders at food and beverage companies gain a deeper understanding of the evolving technological landscape, learn why keeping up is no longer enough, and discover options that help their company to be more agile, accurate, and ahead of their competition. The guide explores the following:

  • The changing food and beverage landscape—and how it’s only going to move faster in coming years
  • The accelerating progress and disruption taking place in the business software landscape
  • The dangers of relying on outdated processes and manual technology to compete in the current competitive landscape

Those interested in viewing the full guide can download it here.