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Being able to shift the paradigm from demand to push when it comes to business information is essential in having information flow faster to your employees, customers and vendors.  On demand is great when people ask, but when they don’t, it’s useless.  Disciplined users can collect great data, but ensuring that data gets to its intended audience and has its intended impact, requires it to be received fast and frictionless. That’s where NetSuite’s workflow engine come in.

Through our 25 years of experience, we know that pushing data in an actionable form is one of the key ingredients to building a successful and controlled business process.   With an embedded and robust workflow engine built within its very core, NetSuite can deliver workflow functionality that would typically require custom programming in most competitive solutions. NetSuite’s workflow engine generates end-user notifications, updates records, controls business process, and conditionally manages exceptions, within every facet of the NetSuite system.  This also extends to custom entities, custom data elements and custom reports.

By making data actionable, NetSuite notifies employees, customers and even vendors precisely when they need to take action, via email that links back into specific transaction(s) requiring attention. End-users can visualize these transactions through the natively embedded customer, vendor or employee portals, and interact with them on their mobile devices by leveraging the NetSuite for iOS or Android mobile app included with the solution.

Like all other parts of the Netsuite solution, many of the workflows that come out of the box are industry and role based.  Additionally, the team at MIBAR can leverage our expertise to build more complex workflows to meet your ever-changing business needs.

You think you’ve got a complex workflow or business process rule?  We’d like to hear about it.

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