Omnichannel Commerce in NetSuite

Embrace New Business Channels with NetSuite’s Omnichannel Commerce Solution
One of the major shifts that has taken place over the past few years, is the requirement for businesses to expand the channels through which they interact with their customers, and the markets in which they operate.  Nowhere is this need for greater agility more important than in a company’s ability to better adopt and manage an Omni-channel business model.

While essential, the capability to quickly capitalize on market opportunities, stave off competition, enter new markets and form new business alliances can all present significant technological and business process roadblocks.   Sometimes, the knee jerk reaction is to build a manual workaround – or yet another spreadsheet – but that only leads to more disjointed processes and pain.  Other times, it implies building a new technology silo and managing an integration process to keep those systems in sync.

A typical use case we might see is one in which a mature industrial supply, retailer, importer or manufacturing business is launching a new product line or entering a new market segment – one that might require a new business model and enhanced functionality including:

  • Integrated EDI
  • 3PL Warehousing and Transportation Partners.
  • Integration with new sources of supply such as drop ship distribution & manufacturing partners
  • Expanded consumer marketing efforts
  • Expanded product and customer data
  • Partnerships with various e-commerce platforms including e-commerce leaders like Amazon, Shopify and others.
  • Deployment of your own company e-commerce, point-of-sale (POS) and customer portal platforms

And let’s not forget – all of this needs to be done while maintaining your current, day to day business processes, while also ensuring that these new channels share inventory, customers and resources.  Sound familiar?  Well it should – many of our clients are finding new fortune by going direct to consumer with new products and channels and therefore need modern, unified systems and solutions to help manage this new paradigm.

By leveraging a combination of unified tools embedded within the NetSuite cloud platform, a healthy product eco-system that expands the NetSuite functionality, and a well-defined API (application program interface) – MIBAR can help you tackle these business issues and more quickly implement an omni-channel solution that can help you better manage and integrate e-commerce order flow, customer communications, inventory and purchasing activities unique to each channel.

If you’re looking to prepare your business for its next phase, contact the experts at MIBAR to help you plan the process.  With our 25 years of experience in transforming businesses, we are excited to help you meet these challenges head on.

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“Thanks to MIBAR and NetSuite our company went from using multiple outdated systems to a unified system that is lower cost, more productive, and mobile. Implementing a new business software solution is always a big leap. The fast and friendly team at MIBAR helped make that a success, and now Polek & Polek has taken the leap from the 20th century to the 22nd century!”
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