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When it comes to making a decision on business software, it pays to ask questions—not only of what your company needs and whether or not a vendor can provide the functionality, but whether the vendor can stand up to its own hype. Unfortunately, in the same way every parent has “the cutest child,” every vendor out there believes they offer the best software.

No one is out to call their ‘child’ ugly—the difference in the software world is that the purchaser is the one stuck with the consequences. ERP solutions are expected to be with your company for up to a decade, affecting everyone in the organization. You can’t afford to succumb to hype.

Why Online Reviews Matter for Software Decisions

Whether it’s from analysts or verified review sites, reviews matter for your software decisions. In general, 92% of customers read online reviews and 84% trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from a colleague.

However, knowing where to find reviews may matter more than the reviews themselves. With months- or years-long implementation windows, costs ranging from five to seven figures, and an expected useful life of up to a decade for ERP software, you can’t just rely on a generic five-star review like you would on an app store. The best reviews are honest, unsolicited, and from verified users from companies similar to your own.

G2 Crowd Reviews for ERP Software: The Gold Standard

One of the key players in the “reviews market” is G2 Crowd, a company who entered the fray to offer verified reviews from actual customers who offer in-depth insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the products they use, rather than something as simple as a star rating. In fact, these customers are asked to rate software in as much detail as they can, looking at different modules and functionality in order to help other businesses make an informed decision.

With nearly 500,000 verified reviews, G2 Crowd has become the gold standard in software analysis based on user satisfaction, and over 1.5 million active buyers look at the G2 Crowd data for advice on their next product.

In addition to this, G2 Crowd goes out of their way to ensure transparency and promote robustness of reviews. They validate users through LinkedIn, display where reviews came from, and even will tell you whether or not the reviews came from current users by requiring a screenshot. Browsing the site, decision makers can filter reviews by ratings, company size, industry, and user role.

Oracle NetSuite: A G2 Crowd Leader in ERP Software

In their “Best ERP Systems” page, taking historical satisfaction ratings, G2 Crowd Oracle NetSuite to be among the highest rated across all segments (small business, mid-market, and enterprise)—both in their industry-leading market presence and customer satisfaction.

What Do Users Have to Say about NetSuite?

Among the most helpful reviews, customers touted NetSuite for its ability to facilitate growth, flexibility and customization, the speed of SuiteSuccess, transparency and visibility, and robustness. Quotes from customers include:

  • “SuiteSuccess Deployment of NetSuite – Did What They Claimed!” –Walter G.
  • “NetSuite is a program that we could not see outgrowing ever. We we’re able to improve our invoicing processes by almost 75%.” –Jordan F.
  • “Feature-rich cloud based ERP Solution – A solution you can grow with” –Jon F.

View more reviews on G2 Crowd here.

Top-Rated Features

NetSuite users are pleased with the software, but among the most highly rated features, respondents were highly satisfied with the following:

Journal Entries

Audit Trail

Invoice Customization

Payment Processing

Purchase Orders

Inventory Tracking/Ordering

Financial Statement Reporting


Workflow Capacity

User, Role, and Access Management


Performance and Reliability


Looking for More? Analysts have Touted NetSuite for Decades

As an originator in the True Cloud ERP space, NetSuite has long been considered the big dog in the field, and no matter how much competitors have attacked the software, analysts still believe it to be among the best of the best. Firms like IDC, Gartner, Nucleus, Technology Evaluation Centers, Aberdeen, and more all echo the voice of the customer, finding NetSuite to maintain its ability to succeed and deliver.

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