Microsoft Power Automate

Today’s business needs to work faster than ever. While many businesses have opted to choose a variety of cloud services to speed up some processes, real value comes when a company can connect a variety of applications—not only to get better visibility, but to automate workflows as well. Microsoft Power Automate is built for the latter.

The Productivity You Need

Whether you start from a template, create your own workflows from scratch, or build a multi-step workflow across multiple apps, Microsoft Power Automate brings together hundreds of applications to speed up your business.

Let MIBAR help your team unlock their potential by removing obstacles, distractions, and manual processes. As a longtime Microsoft Partner and leading consultant, we get to know your business and find out how to help you do more with Microsoft Power Automate.

With hundreds of connections and thousands of out of the box templates, you can do anything from turning tweets into leads to building approval workflows to freeing up storage space to reduce costs.

Discover Microsoft Power Automate

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Multistep Workflows

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. Do you want a tweet about your company saved to a spreadsheet, the customer added to your CRM, and your profile to automatically respond? With a few clicks, it’s possible.


Make the Approval Process Easier

Create, use, and share automated approval workflows to quickly respond to and process requests, from time off and travel plans to documents and sales opportunities. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create approval workflows that speed up your business, whether that’s approving a time off request or building an approvals center for your marketing department.

Conditional Workflows

Only work with things that matter to you. With conditions, Microsoft Power Automate will only run actions if a certain trigger is met. Specify that a flow performs one or more tasks only if a condition is true. For example, specify that you’ll get an email only if a tweet that contains a keyword is retweeted at least 10 times.

Bring On-Premises Data into the Cloud

Flow lets you securely connect to on-premises data and cloud based services, so you can make the most of the data you already have. With a gateway, you can connect to on-premises data using a variety of connections including Apache Impala, DB2, Http with Azure AD, MySQL, Oracle Database, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, and more.


Connect Securely

Don’t let your connections share too much. With simple controls, you can prevent sensitive data from leaving your company using built-in or customized data loss prevention policies.

It Gets Smarter

Microsoft Power Automate has continued to improve, but it’s about to get a whole lot smarter, leveraging easy to train artificial intelligence technology that will make the connections you make even smarter and easier to configure. Give everyone in your organization—regardless of their technical expertise—the ability to add AI capabilities to the workflows they create and use.

Get to Know Power Automate

While Microsoft Power Automate is not only free for many applications and has the potential to make your business work faster, getting it set up can often be overwhelming. With hundreds of connections, the process of building, testing, and customizing the connectors that work for your business might be more complex than you initially expect.

At MIBAR, we have the experience and expertise to set up the entire Microsoft Power Platform including Microsoft Power Automate, Power BI, and PowerApps for your company. Get to know more about the work we do, read our Microsoft Power Automate case study, and contact us for more information.

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