Supply Chain Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

The New Face of Supply Chain Management

A concept which until recently was reserved for Fortune 500 and large enterprises only – effective supply chain management is now a must for any business. The fact is that Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors, Manufacturers and Retailers all must gain control and visibility over their entire supply chain processes in order to remain profitable and compete in today’s economy.

Requirements such as product traceability and government compliance, just in time inventory, EDI and/or the need to work within small niche markets all require a business to streamline the procurement and distribution processes – that is, seamless integration between your customers and vendors and logistics partners – enabling the entire group to move as one quickly and efficiently.

The Changing Role of Technology in Supply Chain Management

The supply chaining concept, while not new, has undergone radical changes of late.  The early standardization brought on in large part by the integrated suite of Microsoft operating systems and business productivity tools like Outlook Email, Word and Excel made it easier for people in all corners of the world to communicate – this has now been extended to include integrated business processes such as purchasing, order processing and inventory management as well.

And instead of these tools sitting external to these aforementioned business transactions, with Microsoft Dynamics GP, they are now fully integrated within the transaction processing engine.  Put simply, Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to work with and like the productivity tools you are already familiar with.

This allows users to move, share and collaborate with their supply chain partners faster and more efficiently than ever before.  No longer do users within often geographically dispersed groups need to reprocess or retransmit critical and time sensitive data.  Instead, through the use of integrated collaborative tools, users can now gain access to, and work on a common set of data –  this means that there is only one version of the truth.  No longer will there be multiple incarnations of important documents like product file specifications or purchase orders floating around through corporate email systems.

Real Supply Chain Challenges Being Overcome With Dynamics GP

For example – By implementing a vendor portal feed with live data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can enable your vendors to confirm, print and update PO’s, along with all relevant design data, as well as permit your logistics partners to confirm shipment data.  This level of supply chain integration ultimately enables your sales and marketing teams to have updated inventory “available to promise” details and your warehouse teams to have accurate anticipated arrival data!

Other examples of common supply chain challenges that we have helped our clients address are as follows:

  • “Cradle to grave” product lot traceability and labeling requirements often combined with integrated wireless warehouse management systems to streamline lot code scanning for shipping and receiving
  • Third party co-packing and production processing, with vendor managed and vendor supplied inventory components
  • Extensive drop ship / DI sales processing, with the need to efficiently create and link sales transactions with vendor purchase orders
  • Integrated EDI transaction processing

How and Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help

These examples are just a small subset of the supply chain challenges that we help small and midsized organizations overcome.  With our 20+ years of experience and insight, is helping Wholesale Distributors, Importers, Manufacturers, and Retailers leverage Microsoft Dynamics GP to address these supply chain challenges – and in doing so, close costly gaps, enhance visibility and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

Common sets of data, being accessed on a common platform, fully integrated without the need for users to reprocess information is what supply chain management with Microsoft Dynamics GP is all about.   You will discover that the development teams of Microsoft Dynamics GP are the thought and process leaders in bringing cost effective integrated supply chain solutions to mid-market enterprises – and the experienced team at is committed to helping you realize that potential.

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