Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can maintain tight financial control and improve accounting practices.
You need to stay focused on mission-critical issues, but too often administrative details compete for your attention. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a financial and supply chain management solution that sharply reduces time and effort for key accounting tasks. It provides easy access to and rich analysis of integrated, updated information. And, it connects smoothly with operations across your entire business.

Control Your Finances & Drive Business Success

You need to maintain a tight rein on your finances but managing them can drain valuable time and resources. What if managing finances could add value across the business? With its productivity enhancements and integration with Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you manage the financial heart of your business so you can better focus on your mission.

With Dynamics GP, you can:

  • Manage Finances Efficiently: Enter data only once and it’s accessible from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics GPRich capabilities and tight integration across your entire Microsoft Dynamics GP solution help make period-end closings more efficient and reduce overhead costs for financial management.
  • Make Decisions Confidently: It’s easier when you’re relying on information that’s up-to-date, complete, and accurate. One-time data entry, automatic information updates, and seamless integration across your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution – all these Microsoft Dynamics GP capabilities help ensure that you’re working with reliable information.
  • Extend the Value of your Financial Information Across Your Company: Microsoft Dynamics GP connects financials with operations across your business. What’s more, you can access and analyze information with the business productivity applications you already know and use. For example, you can quickly create Pivot Tables to uncover the most relevant business information, create Excel-based budget templates, and build customized financial reports.
Financial Management Dynamics GP Reporting

The integrated Microsoft Office Excel PivotTable Creator continues to win praise from customers as an easy way to get to the most important information in your business system.

Make Informed Financial Decisions & Improve Financial Performance

You need to understand where you’ve been and gain enough perspective to chart your future direction. Analytical accounting, forecasting, and reporting features and capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you make informed operational and strategic decisions based on up-to-date financial information. And detailed reports and easier access to information add depth to your accounting analysis.

  • Analyze Financial Data: Sort by whatever criteria you require with user-defined transaction dimension codes and account classes.
  • Centralize Budget Management: Increase the accuracy of forecasting using Web-based budgeting.
  • Enable Complex Analysis of Accounting Transactions: Organize data hierarchically and manipulate multiple-level reports in Microsoft Office Excel.
  • Gain Deep Visibility into Transactions: Get a more informative view of accounting transactions and analyze transactions across your entire organization with seamless integration across General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Inventory, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Bank Reconciliation.

Manage Your Finances With Confidence

You need to be able to rely on your financial data and be confident that it’s secure. Perhaps you even need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other legislation that regulates financial confidentiality and reporting. Microsoft Dynamics GP puts you in control of your financial data and can help ensure that your financial information stays confidential.

  • Act on Trustworthy Information: Microsoft Dynamics GP provides automatic information updates and seamless integration across your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. You can make decisions with confidence, because there’s a single source for financial data.
  • Simplify Audits: By providing a single database and therefore one version of the truth, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help make audits easier and can help you demonstrate that your company is practicing good financial management.
  • Increase Internal Controls That Support Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: When implemented in a Microsoft Windows Server domain using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides stronger security functionality for enforced password expirations and secure password rules. Microsoft Dynamics GP increases controls by automating sign-offs in an auditable, traceable manner.
  • Extend Business Possibilities: Even if you aren’t required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley but are doing so or would like to do business with companies that are required to comply, a solution from Microsoft that includes Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you comply with the necessary standards.

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