Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

The Power of BI
Turning reams of transactional data into meaningful metrics that can help you to better run and manage your business is what BI is all about. Transactional efficiency alone cannot help a business perform better unless business managers and users are empowered with actionable data on a timely basis.  Further, today’s BI systems must permit end users to manipulate this information quickly and easily without the aid of IT or report designers. coupled with the power of the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, provides the fully integrated tools you need to meet these objectives and beyond. Without requiring additional bolt on solutions, Dynamics GP provides a comprehensive “out of the box” set of Excel based reports, and SQL services reports that will enable your users to view rich, contextually appropriate reports immediately.   And by delivering this data through common office productivity tools like Microsoft Excel, your users are already equipped to manipulate the data as needed without the support of an IT or programming department.

The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

And now with Dynamics GP 2015, accessing this rich content is easier than ever. Depending on your preferred deployment options, metrics and reports are accessible from either within the Dynamics GP roles based home page and user interface – or, via Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and the new Executive Desktop Widget.

By delivering these pre-designed analytic tools and KPI’s out of the box, users immediately become more productive and are thus, better positioned to act quickly to changing indicators when necessary.

There are some of the 200 + Excel and SRS reports and KPI’s that are available in the Microsoft Dynamics GP application package.  With these tools, as well as the always popular Smartlists builder, your end users will be empowered like never before.

For a closer look at the BI functionality offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP, speak to one of’s award winning GP consultants – our team can show you how to turn those reams of data into actionable insights.

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