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One of the most common questions we receive about any of our enterprise resource planning applications is “how much will this cost?” This is often a hard question to answer—ERP is a complex software with many moving parts, meaning that from implementation to training, the costs are often hard to predict. While ERP is more about the value it provides in the form of reduced labor and IT costs than it is about a strict dollar value, it’s still important to know what you’re getting into before you even sit down to speak with your potential vendor or implementation partner about next steps.

At MIBAR, we believe in giving you straightforward answers about the process and about your journey to advance your business with ERP software, and as a leading value-added reseller of born-in-the-cloud Acumatica, we’d like to introduce you to their unique, innovative pricing structure designed to help you get more from your ERP.

The Acumatica Pricing Model

If it’s been a few years since you last looked at ERP software, you should know that the cloud did not only change the deployment model of enterprise applications, it changed the pricing structure as well. As a leader in the cloud, Acumatica has embraced the flexibility of the cloud and developed a pricing structure that lets you add casual users, suppliers, and customers without paying for additional licenses.

Rather than paying for licenses you’ll never use for applications half the users don’t need, you get to control the experience for each user without running into excessive costs. With Acumatica’s unique consumption-based pricing model, you only pay for the computing resources you use—rather than the ones you don’t.

Pricing Based on Three Factors

In order to get what you need without getting buried in excessive fees, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions to determine the potential outlays for your Acumatica ERP solution:

1) Functionality

With many different industry-focused options, as well as a standard and advanced edition for different levels of complexity within your business, the level of functionality will define the amount of money you pay. All applications are integrated and can be added at any time, so you only buy what you need, when you need it. For example, you can start with Financial Management and CRM, and then add applications such as Manufacturing or Service Management as your company expands its operations.

Additionally, Acumatica allows you to customize the product further using individual product extensions that you can add at a later date.

2) Deployment Considerations and Licensing

While the cloud has reduced the need for traditional licensing models, Acumatica is designed to be flexible, still offering perpetual licenses if you choose an on-premises deployment while offering SaaS and private cloud subscriptions as well. Acumatica offers several options for software licensing: 

  • SaaS Subscription – Pay an annual subscription fee based on our Acumatica ERP pricing. Your Acumatica installation and maintenance responsibilities will be handled by an experienced, full-time IT organization such as Amazon Web Services (our most popular option).
  • Private Cloud Subscription – Acumatica also offers a private cloud option where you pay an annual fee and can deploy on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.
  • Private Perpetual License – Pay a one-time cost for the perpetual license up front along with a recurring annual maintenance fee and deploy the software on premises or at your preferred hosting provider.

3) Expected Volume and Consumption

With Acumatica, you can add as many users as you need—you are charged based on the resources your company requires for the transactions you anticipate. And you can always increase or decrease these resources when necessary.

Pricing is Straightforward, Helping You Reduce Headaches

Whether you’re looking for simple and straightforward pricing or need a solution with all of the “bells and whistles” you expect from an advanced ERP platform, we would be happy to share with you an estimate of your expected costs with Acumatica. Knowing this, cost is one thing, but value is another, We invite you to download the ERP Project Justification worksheet, view the Acumatica Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, and contact us for a free consultation.

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